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      Our king-size rolling papers are indispensable for every stoner. You roll your jonko faster and easier and enjoy your smoking session longer. At Stonedoos from Hoogeveen, you can therefore buy various types of kingsize rolling papers online. We make sure you never pay too much for your smoking accessories. In this way, we always offer cheaper rolling papers than your local shop. In addition, we do everything to take your smoking experiences to the next level. That's why you can buy the highest quality long smoking papers in our online shop or physical shop - per booklet or in a whole box. So you'll never run out of your favourite smoking accessories again.


      Choosing the right smoking papers for your joint


      Finding the best long rolling papers for spinning your jonko does not have to be so difficult. With this comprehensive article, you are now ready with the knowledge needed to make a wise decision and choose which papers are suitable for your requirements. We look at the different types of long rolling papers available on the market, considering everything from the type of material to the size, thickness and even the flavour. Moreover, we discuss how each of these components can affect both the taste and the overall quality of your smoking experience. Make use of this article so you don't miss anything in finding the rolling papers you and your mates like best!


      Choose safe and durable long rolling papers


      When smoking jonko, you need to make conscious choices that ensure it is less harmful. You can achieve this by smoking with natural materials. With them, you can definitely improve the taste and smell of the smoke. This is because such materials are usually free of harmful and artificial additives that may be present in cheaper variants. Using better-quality flu is not only better for your taste, but also reduces the health risks associated with smoking. Thus, you make a conscious, smart and attractive choice for both yourself and those around you.


      The materials of our rolling papers


      Choosing the right flu is an important factor in getting the most out of your smoking experience. However, the variation in long rolling papers is not limited to brand and packaging, it is mainly about the materials used. Take for example:


      • Wood pulp
      • Rice
      • Hemp


      Each material has its own specific properties and influence on things like burning speed, taste and twist ease of your joint. If you want to make a conscious choice, you can also prefer long rolling papers made from only sustainable and natural materials.


      Wood pulp rolling papers

      One of the biggest advantages of wood pulp rolling papers is that they are easy to use. This makes them particularly suitable for beginners who want to master the art of rolling a tasty joint or blunt. Wood pulp flu burns medium to fast, which ensures that your joint keeps burning well while smoking. The only disadvantage of these standard wood pulp flu can be that they have a more pronounced aftertaste compared to long rolling papers made of other materials. This taste is often perceived as unpleasant. The paper often contains more substances that, when burned, can affect the taste of your tobacco or weed.


      Rice pulp

      Long rolling papers made from rice are known for being thin and subtle, giving it minimal aftertaste when smoked. Turning a thick joint with thin rice tissue can be challenging, especially for those who are still learning to create an ideal joint. The rice paper extinguishes quickly, requiring you to light your joint several times.


      Hemp rolling paper


      Flu made from hemp present a unique, eco-friendly and high-quality option for smokers who want to avoid the drawbacks of traditional fluxes. Made from 100% natural hemp fibres, this fluff is, are unbleached and offer an ideal texture for grip while twisting. Although the hemp fluff is not as thin as rice fluff, it burns slowly and keeps burning better, ensuring the best possible smoking experience.

      Moreover, hemp fluff has a subtle, pleasant flavour that many smokers appreciate. Unlike the flavours of wood pulp flu, hemp offers a smooth, sweet and musky taste. If you are looking for a "green" way to smoke, papers made of natural hemp fibres are the perfect choice. This is because they are unbleached, produced without chemicals and eco-friendly, i.e. sustainable.


      Size matters!


      If you have already looked on our webshop or in our shop, you will no doubt have noticed that we offer a wide range of rolling papers. We also have a wide range of different sizes of long rolling papers. We have suitable ones for every smoker, such as:


      Single Wide: In the world of smoking, there are countless options for rolling papers, but Single Wide flu has something unique to offer for true smoking enthusiasts. In the Netherlands, this size is perhaps better known as shag rolling papers, perfect for those who pursue a pure smoking moment or just want to smoke even a small joint quickly. The Stonedoos shop has an extensive range of Single Wide flu from the best brands, guaranteeing you will find the ideal choice. Available in both brown and white short fluff, to suit everyone's style and preference. The flu papers are made from high-quality materials such as rice, wood and natural gum, offering a pure as well as authentic smoking experience. With multiple brands of Single Wide flu to choose from, you are always assured of an excellent smoking experience that perfectly suits your needs.


      11/4: Measuring between 76-78 mm long and 45-48 mm wide, these papers fit perfectly between the traditional single wide and the larger variants. It is therefore an excellent choice for sharing in a small group, where the challenge of getting a joint to circulate evenly is a thing of the past. A key advantage of these rolling papers is their improved durability, thanks to the larger size. Before you make a purchase, it is definitely important to check how small or thick the long flu is, so you can enjoy your joint or blunt in the best possible way.


      Kingsize: Imagine you're having fun with your friends, and you want to spin a lovely big joint to share together. Then this flu definitely comes in handy! With a length between 100-110 mm and a width of 55-60 mm, it is the ideal size to create a generous joint. But rest assured, if you are looking for something smaller, there is also a variant that is only 105-110 mm long and 42-46 mm wide. This paper is thinner, so burns faster.


      Blotting paper on a roll: Maybe it's time to try out our innovative blotting paper on a roll! This unique solution allows you to roll your joint the way you prefer, with no restrictions when it comes to size. Whether you like a small, modest joint or want to roll an impressive mega-sized ambitious, anything is possible with our 3-metre and 5-metre rolling papers!


      We offer rolling papers from the very best brands, such as:


      • RAW
      • Elements
      • Smoking
      • GreenGo.


      Flavoured and scented Juicy papers: Juicy Jays is the best brand for flavoured flu. This leading brand has launched an impressive range of flavoured flu papers and has become a household name in the industry. Thanks to Juicy Jays, you not only guarantee a sensational smoking experience, but also an extra dimension of flavour and fragrance when smoking your joint. The liquid that makes Juicy Jays so unique is distinguished by the rich flavours released while smoking and the delicious scents that fill the environment. The few flavours are:


      • Pineapple
      • Rum
      • BlackBerry
      • Cotton candy
      • Mango
      • Strawberries
      • Chocolate
      • Coconut


      XXL: With a width of 44 mm and a length of up to 300 mm, you can spin particularly impressive joints with this. But it's not just about size, as this long joint also ensures a smooth and even burn with minimal ash production. Our brand for this is. RAW Huge - 30 cm offers a delicious smoking experience with 22 papers per pack. Our meticulously crafted rolling papers are huge with an impressive size of 30 centimetres and are securely packaged in our convenient elastic sealable packs.


      Cones: We also have a blog article for spinning your best joint, but do you find spinning a joint a bit tricky or simply not fun? No worries then, because our cones are the solution! These handy pre-rolled rolling papers are all you need to fill yourself with your favourite tobacco and herbs. At Stonedoos, we offer a wide selection of various types and sizes of cones.


      Do I need a tip for my rolling papers?


      A tip is an indispensable component for making a perfect joint. This thin, rectangular piece of cardboard serves as a filter, preventing your favourite herbs from ending up in your mouth. In addition, a tip ensures the strength of a joint and contributes to a fine smoking experience. By buying tips of the best quality, such as those from Stonedoos, you are sure to create a great joint to enjoy to the fullest. A tip booklet containing around 50 tips is a frequently chosen option. At Stonedoos, you'll find a wide range of different brands and sizes, such as RAW, JUMBO and Elements.



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      At Stonedoos, in addition to kingsize rolling papers, you can buy many other accessories for an evening of smoking with friends, such as tips and bongs. If you're ready for an experience that takes you into even higher realms, you can also visit our smartshop. Will you order a box of long rolling papers and other smoking accessories online and spend more than € 39? Then we will ship your package for free. If you have any questions, you can reach us by calling or whatsapping us on (+31) 850 47 09 01 or by filling in our contact form.

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