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      Want to buy a glass ashtray?

      In the Stonedoos headshop, you will find glass ashtrays of the highest quality! If you want an extra strong ashtray, choose a crystal glass ashtray from RAW. There are many types of ashtrays, ashtrays made of glass are often nice and heavy so they stay perfectly on your table and don't fall over easily. The glass ashtrays at Stonedoos also have beautiful designs, so they will fit perfectly into your home. So collecting ash with a glass ashtray is collecting ash in style!


      Why order a glass ashtray?

      A glass ashtray is often a lot heavier than, say, a metal one. This ensures that wherever you place it, it will not tip over easily. So you avoid all that ash being smeared all over the sofa or on the table! Glass ashtrays also look nicer than metal ashtrays anyway and are a lot easier to clean! A crystal glass ashtray is extra strong. At Stonedoos, you can find crystal glass ashtrays from RAW, such as the RAW Crystal Ashtray.

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