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      Buy magic truffles online at Stonedoos

      At Stonedoos you will find the highest quality magic truffles. All our magic truffles come straight from the truffle farm in the Netherlands! The High Hawaiians are currently the strongest magic truffle in our range, a full portion is not recommended for beginners! More and more people in the Netherlands choose to experience the special magic truffles. Just because they are a drug does not mean there are no benefits! After all, truffles can help enormously in gaining self-knowledge.

      What are the effects of magic truffles?

      After consuming a portion of magic truffles, you can expect effects. You can read what these are here! The active substance in magic truffles, psylocibine, causes mainly 4 effects:

      • The visual effect: this is seeing things or rather changing your perception of the world. most people will experience this with truffles as distorting objects making them seem something else, seeing patterns and experiencing all colours a lot more intensely.

      • The energy effect: people who use truffles regularly know all about this! You can walk for hours at a time, have a great desire to do things and generally feel like your internal battery can't run out!

      • The physical effect: the physical effect of magic truffles is an enormous euphoria that can be felt throughout your whole body! You often laugh a lot and generally feel great. Also, time no longer seems to exist and 5 minutes feels like an hour!

      • The brain effect: the brain effect gives you a new perspective on certain things. A lot suddenly becomes clear and you can gain a lot of self-knowledge when you go on the trip with that goal in mind! The brain effect is one of the most unique effects of psylocibine. Magic truffles are a hugely special and can bring about enormous positive things in a person's life!


      The pros and cons of magic truffles

      For most people, truffles are really only a positive experience so don't be shocked when hearing about disadvantages! Of course, everything that has advantages also has disadvantages so we would like to bring you up to speed on these

      The advantages of magic truffles:

      • Magic truffles are 100% legal. So they can be sold to all adults according to Dutch law!

      • Magic truffles have a long shelf life. You can often keep them in the fridge for up to 3 months (if kept in vacuum)

      • Magic truffles are not addictive! The substance psylocibine has no addictive properties. So you will never experience withdrawal symptoms after using them!

      • Magic truffles are cheap! Truffles cost on average between 15 and 25 euros per portion (15 grams). That is enormously little money for what you will experience through truffles.

      The disadvantages of magic truffles:

      • You can go bad. This often happens when someone is not feeling well, truffles can then fall the wrong way, turning it into a negative experience instead of a positive one. To prevent this, there are trip stoppers, these help reduce the bad trip enormously, allowing you to steer your trip again!

      • Not good to combine. When you combine magic truffles with alcohol, for example, this can quickly lead to a very bad experience. We definitely don't recommend combining magic truffles with other substances!

      • Flash backs. Some people experience flashbacks after their trip, which can cause you to re-experience part of your trip.

      • Psychosis. Psylocibine can trigger psychosis in people who are prone to psychosis. Are you or people in your family psychosis prone or have you or people in your family ever experienced a psychosis? Then we advise you not to use truffles.
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