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      Banana Bros. Golden OTTO Grinder
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          Buy electric cannabis grinder?


          With an electric grinder or cruncher, weed is perfectly ground for you at the push of a button! So no desire to have to grind with your hands all the time? Then a battery-powered grinder is perfect for you! We also have rechargeable grinders that you can charge!


          Order the Banana Bros OTTO grinder?


          With the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros, you can officially say you've finished gaming! The OTTO grinder can hold a good 20-30 joints. Fill the Electric Grinder with your favourite herb, insert a cone in the lower part of the grinder, click the button and watch your joint get perfectly filled every time! Order your electric grinder at Stonedoos before 17.00 and you will have it delivered tomorrow!


          The convenience of an electric grinder


          As a true smoker, it is important to have the right tools for grinding your cannabis. One of the best options out there is an electric grinder. The biggest advantage of an electric grinder is that it does the work for you. This allows you to crumble quickly, easily and much more without turning by hand yourself. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of an electric grinder and explain how to use one.


          What is a grinder?


          A grinder is a must-have for any smoker. After all, it is a device that helps to grind cannabis leaves into fine crumbs, granules or powder quickly and efficiently. The best thing about a grinder is that it can grind your cannabis within seconds and gives you a consistently ground product. A grinder can be manual or electric and usually consists of two or four parts. It is also known by various synonyms such as a Crusher, cruncher, shredder or crumbler. In short, whether you are a novice or an experienced cannabis user, a good grinder will definitely come in handy.


          Advantages of an electric grinder


          Are you already familiar with electric grinders? No. That's not surprising, as they have not been on the market for very long. They are especially useful for medicinal cannabis patients who for whatever reason have trouble grinding by hand. Some people simply cannot make rotary movements and for them, the electric grinder is a real lifesaver. And if you are just lazy and want to crumble a lot of weed quickly, the electric grinder is also perfect for you. No more fussing with spinning, just turn it on and relax! Saves you time and energy and you can grind more cannabis than you could with your own hands.


          What types of grinders are there


          If you're not yet familiar with the wonderful world of grinders, we need to bring you up to speed. You see, there are different types of grinders available. The most common are the two- or four-piece grinders.


          A two-piece grinder is the simple and inexpensive option. It has only two parts, a top and bottom, with the bottom part acting as a collection tray for the ground stuff. A four-piece grinder, on the other hand, is a true VIP grinder with an extra layer. This allows you to separate the kief, which is the fine powder you collect, from the ground cannabis. And that's handy, because kief is the gold of the cannabis world!


          Cleaning your grinder


          It is important to clean it regularly? The accumulation of THC and other residues causes the rotary mechanism to jam, leaving you with no finely crumbled weed. To make sure your grinder lasts longer and does its job better, it's smart to clean it. This can be done efficiently and effectively, depending on the material of your grinder. Are you going for plastic, or metal? In either case, cleaning your grinder is a job you'll have fixed in no time. With an electric grinder, you need to be careful that the electric part does not come into contact with water or other liquids.


          Buy Electric Otto Grinder at Stonedoos


          Are you looking for a high-quality grinder that produces perfectly rolled cones? This electric Banana Bros OTTO Grinder has earned the title of most badass grinder on the market and it's easy to see why. This all-in-one device not only has a super sleek design, but can automatically pack and fill 20-30 cones per charge with the ground stuff. What else? Thanks to innovative SMART grind technology, the OTTO features a spring-driven grinder that ensures evenly ground weed. And if that is not enough, the 26 premium cones are made of 100% natural fibres and have wider lips to fill the contents evenly all the way to the tip. This OTTO Grinder makes rolling perfect joints so easy that even a beginner can do it.



          High-quality cones with the smart grinder OTTO


          With carefully hand-rolled cones firmly designed to prevent sagging, you can enjoy optimum combustion and airflow. The high level of purity is guaranteed by 100% natural, high-quality raw fibres that are free of GMOs, chlorine and animal products and carefully made in Bali. Each cone can be filled seamlessly thanks to the cleverly designed tip. The full flavours and delicious aromas lead to a slow, even burn and overwhelming effects.


          Buy electric cannabis grinder from the Stonedoos


          An electric grinder is a handy tool for all cannabis users who don't want to tire of manually grinding their cannabis. It is quick, convenient and saves time. If you are looking for the ultimate electric cannabis grinder, the Stonedoos is the place to be! The Stonedoos offers great customer service and fast shipping, so you'll have your new grinder in your hands quickly. And if you ever have any questions about your purchase, the Stonedoos' knowledgeable staff are always ready to help.


          So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Stonedoos and discover the best electric cannabis grinders around!



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