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      Buying Mushrooms: Your Online Source For Fast And Secure Delivery


      With us, you can buy mushroom growing kits in a safe and anonymous way. With a few clicks, you place your order and receive your mushroom spores or kits quickly and discreetly at your home. Whether you are looking for a temporary escape from everyday reality or would like to gain new insights, magic mushrooms and magic truffles are the perfect option for that.


      Tripping on Mushrooms and Truffles: A Unique Experience


      Experiencing the influences of magic mushrooms and truffles is often referred to as 'tripping'. This trip, which can sometimes last up to four to five hours, can lead to the most euphoric visual and auditory hallucinations. During your trip, you may experience a different perception of time or even feel like you are stepping out of your body.


      Physiological effects of your trip


      During your trip, you may experience various physiological effects, such as:


      • Dilated pupils

      • Drowsiness

      • Imaginary smells

      • Changes in sensation/tingling sensations


      Psychological effects of your trip


      On the psychological side, the following effects may occur:


      • Euphoria

      • Enhanced colour/pattern perception

      • Hallucinations

      • New, interesting insights


      The strength of these experiences depends on the type of mushroom or truffle and the amount ingested. So the experience may be different for everyone, but the changes in terms of perception and reality are universal.


      Preparing for a Safe Trip


      Even the most experienced mushroom user knows that good preparation is essential for an enjoyable and safe trip. Some tips for good preparation include:


      • Determine the right dosage

      • Have a trip sitter nearby

      • Make the environment safe, remove dangerous and distracting items

      • Consume in familiar surroundings

      • Avoid alcohol and other drugs


      Psilocybin: Non-addictive


      A significant plus point of magic mushrooms is that the possibility of becoming physically addicted to them is extremely small. When consuming magic mushrooms, the body builds up a tolerance to psilocybin, so repeated doses have less effect. This is a significant contrast to addictive substances, which make the body constantly beg for an extra dose. Although our bodies do not develop a chemical dependence on psilocybin, we can still crave the effects of magic mushrooms, just as we do with anything pleasurable.


      Tolerance to psilocybin


      If you take magic mushrooms two days in a row, you will find that there is little effect the second time around. This is because the body quickly builds up a tolerance to psilocybin. If you want to experience a strong trip again, we recommend waiting a few days before taking them.


      How Long Does Psilocybin Stay in Your System?


      Urine and hair samples can show the presence of psilocybin in your body. How long psilocybin is detectable in your system depends on several factors such as age, body weight, kidney function and activity during the trip. In general, psilocybin is gone from your body after a few hours.




      Mushrooms offer a unique experience that can range from euphoric hallucinations to new insights. They are safe to use and do not lead to physical dependence. With proper preparation and responsible use, you can enjoy them to the fullest. Whether you are an experienced user or want to experiment for the first time, we are here to provide you with the best products. Order your magic mushrooms safely and anonymously online and start your voyage of discovery.



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