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      How to make hashish Guide to making hashish


      In this world full of cannabis-derived products, many turn to the age-old favourite: hash. But what if you could make this potent treat yourself? In this article, we explain how to make your own hash and how to make the most of our products at Stonedoos.


      What is hashish and Why Make It Yourself?


      Hashish is a compacted type of weed, composed mainly of the resin obtained from the buds of cannabis plants. This resin contains a high concentration of THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis, and other active substances such as cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. Making hash offers a way to benefit from these substances in a way that is both effective and economical.


      Moreover, when you make your own hash, you have complete control over the process, allowing you to tailor the final product to your personal preferences and needs. Moreover, making your own hash is a rewarding experience and a great way to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of cannabis.


      The Basics: How to Make Hashish with Hands or Fingers?


      The simplest method of making your own hash is by using your hands. This method is also known as "finger hash" and while it does not provide the highest quality, it is an accessible way to start making hash.


      When you harvest cannabis plants, resin and trichomes will be left on your hands. When removing these substances from your hands, you will find that a small amount of hash remains.Although this method is not the most hygienic and does not use heat, it is still a popular way to make hash, especially among beginners.


      The Upgrade: Making Hashish from Kief


      Another popular technique for creating hash at home involves using kief. Kief is the sticky resin layer that sticks to your hands when you touch a bud of cannabis. These resin crystals contain cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes and can be collected to make hash.


      An effective way to produce hash from kief is to use a hash press, such as the pollen press.You simply put the pollen (kief) into the press and compress it into a solid block. Although no heat is used in this method, it still results in high-quality hash.


      If you want to collect a larger amount of trichomes, you can also use a pollen sieve. This tool will help you collect even more kief so you can make even more hash.


      For Experienced Users: Bubble Hash Making


      For those looking for a more advanced method of making hash, there is bubble hash. This particular type of hash is known for its name because of the formation of tiny bubbles when it is heated. It is also often called ice hash or Ice-o-Lator hash, as it is made using ice cubes and cold water.


      How much weed do you need to make hash?


      Making hash requires a fair amount of cannabis buds and/or cutting waste, especially if you want to make a high-quality hash. However, the amount of weed required mainly depends on the cannabis plant itself.Strainslike the White Widow Haze and the Lemon Kush are excellent choices for making hash because they produce thick layers of resin.


      To illustrate, it is common to need about 10 grams of weed to manufacture 1 gram of hash. However, if you plan to make ice hash, for example using the Ice-O-Lator machine, you will need the cutting waste from 5 large plants to obtain a considerable amount of hash.


      Make your own hash?


      To make your own hash from your pollen, you can use different ways! At the Stonedoos headshop you will find weed sieves, pollen presses and more! We only offer products from the best brands so you can easily make your own hash from your wonderfully saved up pollen. By making your own hash, you don't have to throw away your cutting waste. The perfect way to turn your smokeless cuttings into a deliciously smokeable block of hash.


      How do you make your own hash?


      You can make hash in different ways. Here we explain the dry-sift method of making hash. The dry sift method is one of the easiest ways to make your own hash. For the dry sift method, you need the following things:

      A sifter box:

      A sifter box allows you to easily separate your pollen from the plant material. You put your clippings in the top of the sifter box and then shake vigorously. This works best if you put your cutting waste in the freezer first, as cold makes trichomes fall off the plant material more easily! In the bottom of the sieve box you will find your freshly harvested trichomes, you then put these in a pollen press to make hash.

      A pollen press:
      With a pollen press, you can press your keef into a hash puck. Put the freshly harvested keef into your pollen press and turn it firmly! The resulting pressure and heat will melt all the trichomes together into a delicious block of hash. You can turn the pollen press a little tighter every half hour for better results. This takes up to 24 hours.


      Then enjoy your delicious home-made hash after 2 simple steps!




      Making hash yourself is a rewarding experience that not only produces a potent cannabis treat, but also allows you to customise the process to your own preferences. By using our products at Stonedoos, you can make the most of your homemade hash and enjoy the many benefits this form of weed has to offer. Give it a shot today and discover the difference that quality can bring.




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