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      Stonedoos is the online headshop for stoners, by stoners. We know better than anyone else which accessories you need for a relaxed evening of smoking with friends. Long rolling papers, filter tips and blunt wraps: you will find all this and more in our range. So you always have everything you need to roll a joint - and at lower prices than your local headshop.

      Your headshop with accessories from all well-known brands

      Our enthusiastic team has one goal: to make your smoking experiences special again. All smoking accessories in our online shop and headshop in Hoogeveen have therefore been selected with the greatest care. You will only find the best brands in our range and you will never be disappointed. Think for example of blunt wraps, rolling papers and tips from RAW, Juicy, Elements, Flamez and King. The wraps are available in various delicious flavours. But also for gadgets, you are in the right place. Take a look at our:

      Stonedoos: The Headshop for Premium Smokes and More

      Welcome to Stonedoos, the ultimate smart headshop that caters to all your smoking needs. Our online shop has a wide range of quality products that will enhance your smoking experience, whether you are an experienced smoker or not. From joint tubes to stash products, we have everything so you can enjoy your favourite herbs or tobacco.

      The Rise of Smart Headshops

      Traditional headshops have been around for decades, providing smokers with various smoking accessories and items. However, Stonedoos goes one step further by being a Smart headshop. Our headshop, also known as a smoke shop or smokeshop, is a specialised shop that sells products related to cannabis, tobacco and other psychoactive substances. Upon entering a headshop, you will be welcomed by an extensive selection of smoking accessories. Our headshop is full of different items, such as dab rigs, bongs, stash boxes and various souvenirs.

      Premium Smoking Accessories for Demanding Smokers

      At Stonedoos, we understand that the quality of your smoking experience largely depends on the products you use. Therefore, we put together a selection of premium smoking products for demanding smokers. Our smoking shop offers a wide range of high-quality products that ensure an optimal smoking experience. From beautifully designed joint tubes and pipes to stash products of the highest quality, we have everything to meet your needs.

      Discover a World of Possibilities

      At Stonedoos, we want to inspire you and introduce you to new possibilities when it comes to smoking. Determining the "best" smoking accessories for cannabis remains a personal matter.

      Every smoker has their own preferences when it comes to the necessary products they use regularly.

      Grinders and headshop bongs

      With us, you can buycheap cannabis seedsonline , grow your own cannabis and save a considerable amount of money! In our online headshop, you will find affordable bongs and bongs that are perfect for novice enthusiasts. You can also buy a grinder, lighter and rolling papers online for just a few euros. If you're planning to go to a party or festival, we recommend buying an inexpensive bong that can take a beating so you can enjoy it with your friends.

      Joint Tube

      Looking for a handy storage solution for your joints? Then a Joint Tube is just what you need. These tubes, also known as plastic sleeves, joint tubes or joint tubes, offer a safe and practical way to store your joints. With us, you will find a wide range of colours, both for the caps and the tubes themselves.

      Buy stash products

      These storage containers are suitable for storing various items, such as cannabis buds, grits, hash, extracts and pre-drawn joints. Our stash products are specially designed to hide your valuables from prying eyes.

      Whether you want to take a stash on the go or are looking for a storage box for home use, we have it all. Think of a stash in the shape of a bolt, lipstick or even a toilet brush. With these handy products, you can store your weed or other substances safely and discreetly, without anyone noticing.

      Order your products directly in our online headshop

      Have you found the products you were looking for for your smoking session? Then order them easily in our online headshop. Order before 5 p.m.? Then your order will be delivered to your home or a PostNL collection point tomorrow. Thanks to the discrete packaging, no one will know exactly what you ordered. Do you still have questions about our offer or is there something you are missing? Then reach us by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to (+31) 850 47 09 01. We will then be happy to help you further and see if we can order the product for you.



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