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      Eyce Mini Beaker Bong

      Eyce Mini Beaker Bong

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          Eyce Beaker Bong

          Eyce Beaker Bong

          Available in 6 different colours
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              Silicone Bong: The Indestructible and Durable Choice


              Why should you choose a silicone bong?


              In the world of bongs and smoking accessories, there is always something new and exciting to discover. One of the most impressive innovations in recent years is undoubtedly the silicone bong.


              What makes these bongs so special? Not only are they highly durable and virtually indestructible, but they are also easy to carry around and provide an excellent smoking experience. In addition, they are an affordable option compared to some of the more delicate and expensive glass models.


              The benefits of silicone bongs


              Silicone bongs have many advantages over traditional glass, ceramic or plastic bongs. Some of the key features of these innovative smoking devices are highlighted below.


              1. Indestructible and Durable


              Silicone bongs are known for their extreme durability. This makes them ideal for smokers who regularly accidentally drop things or who are often on the move. Being virtually indestructible, they are perfect for outdoor activities, festivals and travelling. Another great advantage of silicone is that the material is resistant to both cold and heat and does not crack due to sudden temperature changes.


              2. Portable and Foldable


              Because of the flexible material they are made of, silicone bongs are foldable and easy to carry. They easily fit into a backpack or bag, without worrying about breakage or damage. This makes them a perfect choice for smokers who like to carry their favourite smoking device with them wherever they go.


              3. Heat-resistant


              Another important advantage of silicone bongs is that they are heat-resistant. This means they are perfect for use with both dry herbs and concentrates.


              How to use a silicone bong?


              Using a silicone bong is quite simple and very similar to using a traditional glass or ceramic bong.


              1. Fill the bong with water. Pour the water through the mouthpiece from the top. When the downstem is about 2-3 cm under water, that's enough.

              2. Fill the bowl with weed. Use a grinder to grind your herbs and fill the bowl of your bong.

              3. Light it. Use a lighter to light the weed in the bowl and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

              Silicone Bongs: An Indispensable Addition to your Collection


              Given the many benefits of silicone bongs, it's no wonder they have become so quickly popular with novice and experienced smokers alike. Their indestructible nature, portability and heat resistance make them an excellent addition to any collection of smoking accessories.


              Whether you are looking for a new bong to expand your current collection, or you are simply looking for a durable and reliable alternative to your fragile glass bong, a silicone bong is definitely worth considering.


              When considering your next purchase, don't forget the many benefits a silicone bong has to offer. With Stonedoos wide range of price ranges, from budget-friendly to high-end, there is a silicone bong to suit everyone's needs and budget.


              Want to buy a silicone cannabis bong?


              A silicone bong is the perfect bong for on-the-go! Because silicone bongs are not breakable, you can take them with you with confidence. At Stonedoos you will find silicone bongs from the best brands like EYCE, EYCE even gives a lifetime warranty! So are you looking for a silicone bong you can take anywhere? Then Stonedoos is the place for you! If you have ordered your unbreakable bong before 5pm, you will have it delivered tomorrow!


              Conclusion: opt for a silicone bong

              In a world full of smoking accessories and bongs, the silicone bong stands out as a truly innovative option. Its combination of indestructibility, portability and heat resistance makes it a perfect choice for everyone - whether you're a novice smoker looking for your first bong, or a seasoned veteran looking to add something unique to your collection.

              Opt for durability and buy a silicone bong. It's a choice you won't regret. The silicone bong is a true game-changer in the world of smoking accessories, and one that every smoker should experience. You will definitely enjoy the fantastic smoking experience it offers, and its convenience and durability will definitely win you over. So what are you waiting for? Choose a silicone bong today.


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