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      The Magic of Growing Cactus Seeds Yourself


      A World of Diversity: Cacti


      Cacti, with their unique shapes and sizes, are a world of diversity available right at your fingertips. From the tiny mini-cacti that fit perfectly on your windowsill to the majestic giants that dominate desert landscapes, cacti are fascinating and a joy to grow. This process of growing cacti from seeds is not only fascinating but can also be a meditative experience.


      Growing Your Own Cactus: Your Own Mini Desert Landscape


      Growing a cactus yourself starts with creating the right conditions. Cacti originally come from dry and predominantly hot areas. Therefore, it is essential to mimic similar conditions when sowing seeds. The process starts with buying the right potting soil. Make sure the soil remains reasonably moist after sowing. It is ideal to cover it with a lid in a greenhouse. Make sure you ventilate several times a day to prevent mould growth.


      Sowing cacti: When and how?


      Cactus seeds can be sown indoors all year round. There are three crucial factors to pay attention to while sowing:


      • Light: Avoid full sun; otherwise the seeds will burn.
      • Heat: Alternating temperatures are ideal: 20 - 25°C during the day and 10 - 15°C at night.
      • Moisture: For germination, keep the soil moist, preferably in a closed greenhouse or with a plastic bag over the pot.


      Germination of cactus seeds


      Germinating cactus seeds requires patience. It takes an average of 1 - 4 weeks for the seeds to actually germinate. During germination, the soil must be kept moist. Covering the pot with plastic or germinating the seeds in a greenhouse will create the right growing environment for cacti.


      Mini Cactus Seeds: Perfect for Limited Spaces


      Cacti come in different sizes and shapes. For those with limited space, mini seeds are ideal. These compact cacti can grow on even the smallest windowsills and still offer that unique desert look.


      Cactus Seed Mix: A Variety of Cacti


      A fun way to grow a variety of cacti is by purchasing a seed mix. This mix contains both mini and large cactus species that are easy to grow and not too demanding.


      Hardy Cactus Seeds: Resistant to the Cold


      There are several hardy cactus seeds that are perfect for our climate. These cacti are able to survive low temperatures and bloom in different colours after the cold and dry period.


      Cactus Seeds Ordering: Easy and Fast


      Ordering seeds from us is very easy. Choose your desired seeds, place them in the shopping cart, and your order will be dispatched within 24 hours. No need to stay at home especially for it or to pick up the package from the post office.


      Growing your own cactus from seed can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. With patience and proper care, you can grow a variety of cacti in your own home, from mini cacti to hardy varieties. It gives you the opportunity to bring a piece of desert landscape into your own home and experience the wonders of nature. So why not start the adventure of growing your own cacti from seed today?




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