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      At Stonedoos, we have blunt wraps made from both pure hemp and herbal leaves. This combination is popular among experienced smokers, as it gives a unique flavour that makes the experience of smoking a thick blunt better! With the slow burn and delicious flavour, blunts are like a cigar that is enriched with a thick pile of weed, allowing you to enjoy your delicious weed even better. At Stonedoos, you can buy blunt wraps or blunt rolling papers in various flavours to give your weed extra character. We also have blunt wraps without added flavour for the pure weed lover. Should you find blunt twisting difficult, blunt cones are the ideal solution. These pre-drawn blunt wraps just need to be filled with your favourite weed. Discover the very wide range of blunt papers Stonedoos has to offer and enjoy your thick blunt smoking with mates or alone!

      Buying a blunt is ideal for a longer smoking session with friends. You fill the blunt wrap with your favourite weed and the session can start. Would you like to enjoy this on a regular basis, but not have to keep going out to get new smoking utensils? Then Stonedoos® in Hoogeveen has the solution: a box that you put together yourself with, among other things, blunt wraps and can re-order whenever you want! This way, you will never again be without your favourite smoking paraphernalia and you will get exactly what you want. Plus, we have lower prices than your local coffee shop and are always up to date with the latest trends. What more could you want?


      What is a blunt?

      A blunt is essentially a joint that has had anabolics, it is made by twisting weed into a blunt wrap or cone. The traditional method involves twisting tobacco and weed in the same way as a normal joint, but with larger leaves and thicker blunt paper. The end result is a longer, fuller smoke than what you would get from a regular joint. This makes it perfect for sharing with friends or for smoking alone for long periods of time and having a good time.


      Blunt cones

      Rather not twist your blunts yourself? Then experience the ultimate convenience and satisfaction of pre-rolled blunt wraps with our unique blunt cones. Just fill your cones with your favourite weed and you're done! Thanks to the built-in filter tip, you smoke carefree and streamlined. Moreover, you'll find a handy tamping tool in every pack that allows you to press the contents effortlessly. The result? Perfect blunts that burn slowly and gradually.


      Buy blunt wraps

      Want to buy a hemp blunt wrap online? Then check out our webshop for blunts from the best brands at Stonedoos. We have blunt wraps with hemp from brands such as:



      It is common knowledge that the best brands in the world of smoking always strive to create products that not only provide enjoyment, but also take care of the health of their users. In this regard, herbal blunt wraps from renowned brands such as Juicy, King Blunt and Kingpin are an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco products. Made from 100% natural materials, these high-quality wraps are tobacco and nicotine-free. The result is a much less harmful smoking experience. The number of hemp leaves varies by brand: while Juicy blunt wraps contain two, with King Blunt wraps you get five leaves and with Kingpin blunt wraps you get as many as four leaves. Opting for these innovative, responsible and flavourful products means investing in your well-being without sacrificing pleasure. So switch to these nicotine-free herbal blunt wraps and experience the difference.


      Flavours of blunt rolling papers

      Discovering the world of blunt rolling papers goes beyond just spinning your favourite weed. What makes it so fun is that you can choose from a range of flavours, allowing you to make endless variations. Here, though, it is important to remember that you should not put several sheets on top of each other. Combining different types of tobacco, each with a unique flavour, with various wraps will add a new dimension to your smoking experience. Let your creativity run wild and try out all kinds of combinations with flavoured hemp blunts paper and the tobacco that appeals to you most.

      You can order all kinds of flavours of blunt rolling papers from Stonedoos these days such as:


      • Passion fruit
      • Mango
      • Banana
      • Chocolate
      • Watermelon


      Would you rather go natural?

      In the world of flavours and aromas, it can sometimes be overwhelming to make the right choice. For instance, you might discover a big difference between the different flavours on the market. Our recommendation is to start with the natural flavour to familiarise yourself with the pure essence of the product. But it can also be very enriching to broaden your horizons and try a different, more exotic flavour, such as the sweet notes of mango or berries. Such flavours can sometimes be quite intense, so alternating with a natural variety can be a pleasant option.


      How to roll Blunts

      Rolling blunts can seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite easy. To start rolling your own blunt, here are the steps to follow:


      1. Start by choosing your favourite flavour blunt wrap
      2. Place the wrap on a flat surface so that the sticky edge is facing upwards
      3. Put the desired amount of weed on the wrap
      4. Gently fold and twist until the whole wrap is filled with weed
      5. Seal your blunt by moistening the sticky edge
      6. Light up and enjoy your thick blunt


      Want more information? You can read and learn all about itin our separate blog on 6 Tips To Spin Your Perfect Blunt.


      Ordering blunts at Stonedoos

      Buy a blunt for yourself or surprise a friend with a gift box

      Of course you can buy a blunt or other accessories for yourself, but you can also do a friend a big favour. If you are still looking for an original gift, you can give him or her a cannabis gift box. Ordering blunt wraps is easy either way. Place the blunt and other products you want to buy in your shopping basket or choose a package we have put together for you. Then go through the checkout process, after which you can relax and we will take care of everything for your smoking session. Your order will be delivered the next day. Would you like to know more or do you have any questions about ordering blunt wraps? Then contact us by calling (+31) 850 47 09 01, send us a WhatsApp message or visit one of our shops in Hoogeveen & Zwolle

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