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      At Stonedoos® in Hoogeveen, you can easily buy your favourite Clipper lighter online. A Clipper lighter is indispensable for every fanatical stoner. The special thing about the lighter is that you can use it ad infinitum. The system is fully refillable. Isn't that great?

      Buying a Clipper lighter for your smoking sessions


      Are you going to buy a clipper lighter for your smoking sessions? Then you will experience many advantages. The brand name refers to 'clip' - or 'lightning fast'. This is because the lighter is incredibly easy to use and refill. This lighter is also known for its built-in stamper that makes it extremely easy to stem your jonko. The result: your smoking experience is literally and figuratively taken to the next level! In our shop, you will also find many more smoking accessories for the best smoking experience ever.


      Are you looking for a high-quality lighter that is both reliable and versatile? Then the Clipper lighter is the perfect choice for you. The Clipper lighter is known for its excellent quality, durability and unique features that set it apart from other lighters on the market.

      Buy Clipper lighter

      At Stonedoos, you can buy a Clipper lighter easily and quickly. We offer a wide range of Clipper lighters in different colours and designs, so you can always find one that suits your style and preferences.

      Visit our online shop and browse through our range to find the perfect Clipper lighter for you. With just a few clicks, you can place your order and enjoy the benefits of this great lighter in no time.

      What advantages does the Clipper lighter offer?

      1. Refillable: One of the main advantages of the Clipper lighter is that it is refillable. Instead of having to buy new lighters every time, you can easily refill the fuel tank. This saves costs and is also more environmentally friendly.

      2. Easily replaceable flint: The flint in the Clipper lighter can be easily replaced. When the flint is worn out, all you have to do is insert a new one. This ensures that you always have a good spark for lighting your fire.

      3. Water resistance: Clipper lighters are resistant to water. If the lighter accidentally gets wet, it will not break immediately. This makes the Clipper lighter ideal for outdoor activities and situations where exposure to moisture is possible.

      4. Enlarged flame when held at an angle: A unique feature of the Clipper lighter is that the flame gets bigger when you hold it at an angle. This can be useful when lighting a candle or a bong, for example. By tilting the lighter at the right angle, you can create a more powerful flame.

      5. Fits in a beer bottle: A nice feature of the Clipper lighter is that it fits perfectly in a beer bottle. This allows you to place the lighter on the neck of the bottle, preventing bees or other insects from getting into your drink, especially during summer outdoor events.

      The Clipper lighter thus offers several advantages, including refillable, easy flint replacement, water resistance, an enlarged flame when held at an angle and handiness when sealing a beer bottle to keep bugs out. This makes the Clipper lighter a reliable choice for different situations and needs.

      Buy a lighter

      At Stonedoos, we not only offer the Clipper lighter, but also several other types of lighters. Whether you are interested in a disposable lighter, an electronic lighter or a storm lighter, you will find it all in our extensive range. Visit our website and discover the various options we have available.

      Refill lighter

      One of the biggest advantages of the Clipper lighter is that it is refillable. This means you can refill the lighter over and over again, saving money and being environmentally conscious at the same time. Refilling a Clipper lighter is easy and can be done using a lighter gas refill, which is also available at Stonedoos.

      Clipper lighter spare parts

      In the unlikely event that a part of your Clipper lighter breaks, don't worry. At Stonedoos, we also offer Clipper lighter parts, so you can easily repair your beloved lighter. Whether it's a new flint, a replacement fuel tank or another indispensable component, we have the right parts for your Clipper lighter.

      Flint lighter

      The Clipper lighter is a
      flintlighter, which means it uses a flint to create sparks and ignite fire. This traditional ignition method is known for its reliability and consistency, ensuring you always have a flame at your disposal when you need it most. The flint of the Clipper lighter is high-quality and long-lasting, allowing you to create fire time after time without any problems.

      Refillable lighter

      The Clipper lighter is not only refillable, but also extremely user-friendly. Its handy design makes it easy to refill the lighter with
      lighter gas, so you always have a full tank. This makes the Clipper lighter cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, as you no longer need to buy disposable lighters.

      Buying lighters

      At Stonedoos, we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to lighters. That's why we offer a wide range of lighters, including the Clipper lighter, as well as other brands and models. Whether you are looking for a simple lighter for everyday use or a more luxurious variant as a gift, at Stonedoos we have the perfect lighter for every occasion.

      Luxury lighters

      For those looking for a unique and stylish lighter, we also offer a selection of luxury lighters at Stonedoos. These lighters are made of high-quality materials, have sophisticated designs and offer additional features such as built-in tools or wind resistance. A luxury lighter is not only a practical tool, but also a fashion statement.

      Whether you choose a Clipper lighter, a refillable variant, a flint lighter or a luxury model, at Stonedoos you will find the perfect lighter to suit all your needs. Visit our website and browse our wide range of lighters. Order today and enjoy the reliability and versatility of the Clipper lighter.

      Order your Clipper lighter now

      If you choose to buy a Clipper lighter, you will not have to buy a new lighter for years to come. All parts are replaceable. So you make an environmentally-friendly choice and save a lot of money too. Order your Clipper before 5 p.m. and it will be delivered to your home or to a PostNL collection point nearby the next day. Still have questions? Then call or whatsapp to (+31) 850 47 09 01 or drop by our headshop in Hoogeveen.


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