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      Guide to Joint Tube


      Joint tube: you may have heard of them, but do you really know what they are and how useful they can be for you? In this comprehensive guide, we explain all about these handy little aids, why they are so essential and how they can improve your smoking experience. Read on and find out why joint tubes are a must-have for any keen smoker.


      What Are Joint Tubes?


      Joint tubes, also known as joint tubes, are specially designed to keep your joints safe and fresh. They come in different shapes and materials, but the function remains the same: to protect your joint from the elements and ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Whether you prefer cardboard or plastic joint tubes, the important thing is that you always choose a high-quality product.


      Why Keep Your Joint in a Tube?


      Keeping your joints in a tube has numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why you should use one:


      1. Protection: Joint tubes protect your joints from physical damage, such as denting or tearing. This means you always keep your joint in perfect condition, ready to smoke at any time.

      2. Freshness: Thanks to the airtight design, your weed stays fresh in a joint tube longer than if you didn't use one. This means you always have a fresh, flavourful joint whenever you want.

      3. Discretion: A joint tube not only keeps your joint safe and fresh, but also discreet. With a joint tube, you can easily carry your joint with you without others noticing.

      The Benefits of Cardboard Joint Tubes


      Although plastic joint tubes are popular, cardboard joint tubes offer a more eco-friendly alternative. They are made of recycled cardboard, which is completely free of plastic particles that could come in contact with your smoking. In addition, they are also cost-effective, which means you get good quality pipes for little money.


      At Stonedoos, we think it's important to contribute to a better planet. Therefore, we have tested our cardboard tubes extensively and can confirm that they are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic tubes. Our cardboard tubes are 11cm long, enough space to keep your joint safe and fresh.


      Storing weed odourlessly in a joint tube


      No one wants their weed to dry out or fill their environment with a strong smell. Thanks to the airtight design of our joint tubes, the smell of your weed stays inside the tube, and your weed stays fresh for longer. This means you can always smoke your joint at its best, whenever you want, without anyone else noticing.


      Joint Tube as a Turning Aid


      Did you know that you can also use a joint tube as an aid when twisting your joint? It's very simple: fold a rolling paper around the tube, fill it with weed and you have a perfectly twisted joint. This makes a joint-tube not only a handy storage device, but also an indispensable tool for novice and experienced smokers alike.


      The Importance of Quality Joint Tube


      As with everything, quality makes a big difference. There are many different joint tubes on the market, but not all of them offer the same protection and quality. At Stonedoos, we value quality and durability. That is why we only offer joint tubes of the best quality, at a very competitive price.


      Joint Tube: A Must-Have for Every Smoker


      Joint tubes offer a range of benefits for every smoker. Whether you are a casual smoker or an avid aficionado, a joint tube is an essential tool that ensures the freshness and quality of your joints.


      Buy cheap hard plastic joint tubes?


      At Stonedoos, you will only find joint tubes from the best brands! The classic hard plastic joint tubes are perfect for extinguishing and storing your joint. With the Torpedo joint tube from Buddies, you can easily take a huge king-size joint with you on the go. Saverette's hard plastic joint tubes are also a great stash product for 1 joint. The cheap plastic joint tubes can often be found under 3 euros!

      Order RAW Joint tubes for 3 joints?


      With the Three Tree from RAW, you can store as many as 3 joints at once! This hard plastic joint tube makes it possible to store several joints at the same time. Super, isn't it? Besides the Three Tree, RAW has many other storage containers and storage bags in which you can store much more than 3 joints.

      Smell- and waterproof joint container online!


      Are you going to take your pre-rolled joints into the outdoors? Then you'll want to take a weatherproof joint tube with you! The Bakers Bank Rolls are metal tubes in which you can store up to about 9 king-size joints, and nobody is going to smell it because of the odour-proof properties of this joint tube!




      Using joint tubes is more than just a way to store your joints. It's a way to enhance your smoking experience, preserve the freshness of your weed, and protect your joints from damage. At Stonedoos, we strive to provide our customers with the best products and experiences. Our joint tubes are carefully designed and tested to meet these requirements.


      Whether you choose our eco-friendly cardboard tubes, or the traditional plastic variety, you can be confident that you are getting a product that is not only practical and durable, but also contributes to a better smoking experience.


      In a world where freshness, quality and discretion are paramount for any smoker, a joint tube is the ideal solution. It is a small investment that can make a big difference in your smoking experience. So what are you waiting for? Improve your smoking experience today with the quality joint tube from Stonedoos!



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