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      Joint Roller

      Are you looking for an effortless and quick method to roll a joint? Then a joint roller might be for you! A joint roller is useful if you want to roll a joint quickly, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

      Did you know that there are different names for joint rolling machines? Whether you call them joint machine, rolling machine, jonko roller or joint roller, it makes no difference to how they work. These compact and handy little devices make the process of rolling joints much easier and faster. With a little practice and dexterity, you can quickly make the highest quality joints without having to be able to roll your own.

      How convenient is that? So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, a joint roller is an indispensable tool for any cannabis enthusiast


      What is a Joint Roller?

      Are you not a hero at twisting a good joint? Or can't do it at all? Then a joint roller really is an indispensable item for you! A joint roller is a compact and handy device specially designed to make the process of rolling joints faster and easier. It consists of three parts: a holder, a roller and a rolling paper holder. When you put your tobacco and papers in the holder and then roll it with the roller, you make a perfect joint even if you can't twist. A jonko roller comes in different sizes and materials, so you can choose what best suits your needs and budget.


      How to use a joint roller?

      Step 1: Place the rolling paper in the paper holder of your joint roller so that it has the right angle.


      Step 2: Place the smoke in the holder, spreading it evenly. Remember to make sure there is enough space on both sides to close the cigarette.


      Step 3: Roll it up by starting at the side with the cigarette. Secure the roller in the holder.


      Step 4: Dampen the corner of the cigarette paper, pinch both ends of the roll together and roll the joint completely.


      Step 5: Press the joint through the roller and then let it roll through the paper holder, smoothing out any unevenness.


      And voila, you have a perfect joint!


      Joint roller for blunts

      Rolling is an art and these handy rollers make it even easier to roll blunts too. Whether you are an experienced smoker or just starting out, these machines will help you follow the same steps as when making a joint with long rolling papers. The only difference is that you need to be a bit more careful, as blunt rolling papers are a bit more fragile. Always check carefully that the sticky edge is on the right side, with the sticky edge at the top and facing you. That way, you'll be rolling a perfect blunt in no time!


      Where can you buy a joint roller?

      Joint Rollers are easily available these days from various online retailers and shops that cater to cannabis lovers. At Stonedoos, you can buy different types of joint rollers, including jonko rollers made of metal or plastic, and rollers suitable for different types of rolling papers. Find one that suits your budget and needs. Moreover, Stonedoos also offers other handy accessories that make smoking a joint just that little bit easier, such as grinders and rolling trays.


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