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      Enjoying Smoking without the Risks: Discover Our Assortment of Tobacco Substitutes


      Have you ever thought of putting a different spin on your smoking experience? At Stonedoos, we offer you a wonderful alternative: our tobacco substitutes, made from various herbal blends. Our herbal blends are completely nicotine-free and perfect for in your joint or bong. You will still enjoy a pure high, but without the effects of nicotine. Let us take you on a journey through the world of our tobacco substitutes.


      What are our tobacco substitutes?


      Our tobacco substitutes are a blend of various herbs designed to enrich the smoking experience without the presence of nicotine. The tobacco substitutes are completely free of the highly addictive substance nicotine that occurs naturally in tobacco. With this, we offer an alternative to traditional smoking, without compromising on taste or experience.


      Tobacco substitutes: A Perfect Alternative

      Our tobacco substitutes have been developed with the idea of offering smokers a healthier alternative. The herbal blends have been carefully formulated to provide an enjoyable but nicotine-free smoking experience. Whether you smoke a joint or enjoy a bong, you will experience a pure high, free of nicotine.


      Nicotine-free tobacco substitutes for the bong


      Besides joints, our tobacco substitutes are also ideal for the bong. We offer special vapour stones designed to replace the familiar sweet tobacco that normally goes into the bowl of a bong. These vapour stones, also known as Steam Stones, are porous and infused with a sweet flavouring. When heated, a delicious vapour rises, free of nicotine but full of flavour.


      What is Smokey Fine Cut Damiana?


      Smokey Fine Cut Damiana is an excellent tobacco substitute consisting of finely made damiana. You can use this super tobacco substitute for different ways of smoking, for example in a normal cigarette, joint or vape. The unique thing about Damiana is the subtle psychoactive effect it has on your high, which many users find very pleasant.


      What makes Damiana so special?


      Damiana is an herb with several unique properties. Consuming Damiana can trigger a mildly psychoactive response, somewhat similar to the experience one gets when using a milder variety of weed. However, the feature that makes Damiana popular above all else are its supposed aphrodisiac properties. But what makes Damiana unique in the market is its aphrodisiac effects. This little plant has been used for hundreds of years, especially in Mexico, for its special properties. As a tobacco substitute, Damiana from Stonedoos allows you to enjoy your smoking moments, but without the negative effects of nicotine. It is a natural and healthy way to enjoy a restful moment, without compromising the quality of your experience.


      Buy tobacco substitutes?


      You hear it more and more in recent years, tobacco substitutes! Want to buy a good tobacco substitute? Read on quickly. You add a tobacco substitute to your joint instead of tobacco, making you smoke a lot healthier. Since the new Dutch laws on smoking rooms, there's no escaping it any more... In the Stonedoos Smartshop you will find Smokey, Smokey is our finely cut Damiana that many people like to use as a tobacco substitute! The taste of Smokey is very subtle and goes well with the taste of weed. You can easily order our tobacco substitutes online or drop by one of our shops in Hoogeveen or Zwolle. We aim for fast delivery, so you can enjoy our products as soon as possible. In addition, you are always welcome at Stonedoos to view our range in person.


      Smokey Fine Cut Damiana as a tobacco substitute


      Originally developed as a food supplement, it is now often used as a tobacco substitute. We once developed our Stonedoos smokey as an aphrodisiac tea with a light smoke flavour. But gradually, more and more people started using it as a tobacco substitute! So what makes Smokey so suitable as a tobacco substitute? These 3 points make Smokey perfect:

      • few twigs, these have been sifted out as much as possible
      • fine structure, already perfectly ground for in your joint
      • neutral taste, very good to combine with weed

      Want to know more about Smokey? Then read our blog where we explain everything about Smokey Fine Cut Damiana!

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