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      Looking for a clever way to store or hide your weed? Then you've come to the right place at Stonedoos. Our stash products are perfect for hiding your precious stuff from prying noses. Whether it's a stash you want to take with you easily, or a box to keep at home, we have it all. Think of a stash in the shape of a bolt, a lipstick or even a toilet brush we have it all. With these handy products, no one will notice that you are safely storing your weed or other drugs. If you're looking for something special to store your cannabis in, Stonedoos is the place to be! From yourself to a loved one, we have exactly what you need. We guarantee the best quality and the widest selection of products to meet your needs. - Shop with us today for the best stash box available.


      Stash meaning?


      If you want to enjoy the best quality cannabis, it is important to store it properly in a stash. That way, it retains its flavour and potency, and you can enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. Moreover, storing weed the right way is also important for home safety. In fact, it is important to keep your weed out of sight of children and pets to avoid unwanted situations. Keep in mind that weed does not have an infinite shelf life. It is best to smoke within a year to get the best results. With the right storage method, you can optimise the quality of your weed. Another name for a stash is stash box, stash products, weed container, weed storage box or weed stash box.


      Advantages of stash box buying a row:


      • Keeps your weed and smoking products fresh
      • Keep your treasured possessions hidden and safe from potential thieves with a carefully camouflaged stash box.
      • Made to accurately mirror the look of everyday items.
      • Doesn't stand out among your other belongings
      • Our cannabis storage box is designed for quick and easy packing, use and storage.
      • Easy to carry on the go

      Different types to stash your weed or hash


      Weed trays


      If you take your cannabis seriously, then a suitable stash container is essential for storing and protecting your weed. This is for both taste and quality. At Stonedoos, you'll find airtight containers designed to keep your buds fresh. We also offer stash boxes with lights and magnifying glasses so you can keep a close eye on the freshness of your weed.


      Joint Tubes


      If you are looking for a discreet and easy way to store your joint without letting any smell escape, our joint tubes are just what you need. All our joint tubes are air- and odour-sealed, ensuring that no smells escape while still allowing enough airflow to quickly extinguish the joint.


      Storage boxes for your smokes and weed


      For those who want a box specifically designed to store their weed and smoking accessories, we offer different types of stash boxes. These boxes come in different materials, including wood, bamboo, plastic and metal. They are all designed for your convenience, so that all your cannabis stuff is in one place - plus they look great too.


      Grip bags and storage bags


      If you need an accessible way to transport your cannabis stash on the go, look no further than storage bags and grip bags. At Stonedoos, you can find air- and odour-proof storage bags where you can easily keep your weed and smokes safe. But grip bags are also a popular choice for transporting weed. At Stonedoos, you will find the most compact grip bags that are 100% odour-proof. This keeps your weed safe and odourless during transport.


      Store your secret stash


      Last but not least, we have our secret stash series that contains hidden compartments. In a unique items disguised like a lipstick, a bolt or a toilet brush, which no one would ever suspect that something valuable is hidden inside! Perfect for those who need extra security to store their cannabis or other personal items.

      Stash products, storage for cannabis and more!


      Need a good place to store your favourite stimulant? With the stash products you find at Stonedoos, you will definitely succeed! It is very important to properly store your best buds in a suitable cannabis stash product! Or do you need to hide your weed well? Then a secret stash will come in handy! In the Stonedoos headshop you will find stash products from the following brands:

      • RAW
      • Elements
      • Time Capsule
      • Cookies
      • Saverette
      • Smokus Focus

      And many more.... Ordered before 17.00 = delivered tomorrow!


      Want to read even more about the best ways to store your weed and smoking accessories? Then read our blog on stash products and find out which cannabis stash suits you best!


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