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      Discover the World of Magic Truffles: Top Quality, Always in Stock!


      If you're thinking of an experience beyond the ordinary, you're in the right place. Stonedoos offers you the chance to dive into the fascinating world of magic truffles. With a wide range of options and discreet shipping, we are committed to delivering the highest quality magic truffles on the market.


      What Are the Famous Magic Truffles?


      Magic truffles, are known as 'sclerotia', are the subterranean part of certain types of psilocybin mushrooms. Although the mushrooms themselves are illegal under Dutch law, the sclerotia, or magic truffles, are completely legal to buy.


      They are also used for Microdosing, which is the regular ingestion of very small amounts of psylocybin truffles to improve mental functions.


      What these truffles contain is the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, which can cause powerful hallucinogenic experiences. This makes them highly suitable for use in both recreational and meditative settings, and they can provide a profound, inspiring experience.


      The Power of Magic Truffles


      At Stonedoos, we are aware of the diversity in our customers' experiences and preferences. That's why we have a range of magic truffles that can satisfy different needs. Whether you are new to this world or an experienced traveller, we have the perfect truffle for you!


      From the milder varieties that provide a light, manageable trip, to the super potent varieties that guarantee an intense, impressive experience, we have it all. We advise beginners to start with a milder truffle, while more experienced users may want to opt for our most potent variety.


      How many Magic Truffles Should You Take?


      The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including previous experience with psilocybin, body weight and the type of experience you're looking for. In general, a dose between 7 and 15 grams may be appropriate, but it is important to be aware that this can vary greatly. For example, 7 grams of a milder strain can give a lighter trip, while 15 grams of a more potent strain can produce a very intense experience.


      Storage and Care of Your Magic Truffles


      When storing magic truffles, it is important to keep them well-sealed and cool, ideally in the fridge. Unopened, they can be kept for up to two months. When opened, they should be consumed within at least two days to ensure their freshness and quality.


      Growing Your Own Magic Truffles


      For those who would like to go a step further, we at Stonedoos also offer grow kits for magic truffles. These contain everything you


      ig to grow your own truffles in 12 to 20 weeks. It takes time but in the end, the harvests can be mega big and you get three different toppers with each set.


      Where can you buy magic truffles?


      Thanks to Dutch law, you can order magic truffles safely and legally online at Stonedoos. We offer a discreet shipping service to make sure your order is delivered safely and discreetly to your home.


      Therapeutic benefits

      The use of Magic Truffles is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, due to the increase in research into the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic substances. Some studies suggest they can be used to treat anxiety, depression and addiction. People also use Magic Truffles recreationally, due to their strong mind-altering effects. It is important to note that there are always risks associated with the use of psychedelic substances, which is why it is important to exercise caution.


      Effects of psilocybin

      One of the main effects of psilocybin is altering the perception of time and space. Consuming magic truffles can cause you to experience a disturbed sense of time and space, which can lead to visual hallucinations and changes in perception of the environment. It can also cause deep introspection and heightened awareness of oneself. This can lead to a heightened sense of well-being and connection with the world around us.

      These truffles can potentially help, but they can also carry risks. Improper dosing or use in inappropriate environments can lead to anxiety, paranoia and other unwanted side effects. So we should always make sure to use Magic Truffles only under the right conditions.


      Dose of Magic Truffles

      As a beginner, it is important to start with a low dose to experience the effects of truffles on your body and mind. A dosage of 7-10 grams is recommended for a light trip and for a medium trip, a dosage of 10-15 grams is recommended. If you are looking for a full psychedelic experience, a dose of at least 15-22 grams is recommended. However, it is important to remember that the right dosage depends on several factors, such as body weight, height and sensitivity to psychoactive substances. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek advice from a trusted seller and follow the recommended dosage on the packaging.


      Using on an empty stomach

      When consuming Magic Truffles, it is recommended to do so on an empty stomach. This way, the truffles can be absorbed better and faster by your body. If you get a bit exhausted during the trip, eating something small like fruit or an energy bar can boost your energy levels again. Eating different snacks can also be an interesting experience, as the flavours and textures can feel more intense due to the psychoactive substances in the Magic Truffles. Remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, but avoid alcohol and caffeine as these can reduce the effects of the truffles.



      If you plan to use the truffles, keep in mind that it does not make sense to use them two days in a row. This is because your body will immediately build up tolerance, reducing the effect of the truffles. Wait at least 3-4 days before using truffles again, otherwise chances are that the same effect will not occur. It is important to handle the use of Magic truffles responsibly and give your body time to recover between sessions.


      Ordering magic truffles in the Netherlands

      Different types of truffles are available at Stonedoos, each with their own unique properties. Below is a brief description of the Magic Truffles you can find in their webshop:


      1. Psilocybe Mexicana - This truffle is also called 'Mexicana' and is suitable for beginners. It has a mild to medium strength and can induce a feeling of euphoria, creativity and connection with nature.


      2. Psilocybe Tampanensis - Also called 'Philosopher's Stone'. This truffle has medium strength and is associated with a sense of clarity and introspection.


      3. Psilocybe Atlantis - This truffle has a strong effect and is often used for a deep enintense experience. It can lead to visual hallucinations and a sense of connection with the universe.


      4. Psilocybe Pajaritos - This truffle has a mild to medium strength and is often chosen for its subtle and relaxing effects.


      5. Psilocybe Hollandia - This is the strongest truffle in Stonedoos' range. It can lead to intense, visual experiences and is recommended for experienced users.


      Importantly, the effects of Magic Truffles depend on the dosage, the person and the environment in which they are taken. It is therefore always recommended to start with a low dose and ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

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