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      Stonedoos® is a young company in Hoogeveen with the aim of helping everyone enjoy themselves responsibly. We offer everything to help you enjoy in a responsible way. For example, you can buy the first stoner box in the Netherlands from us. Made by stoners, for stoners, to literally and figuratively take your smoking session to the next level.

      Why Stonedoos?

      Stonedoos is a company started in 2020 by two fanatic stoners, this means we put together our stoner boxes with full love and passion. We try very hard to provide the best products and services to our fellow stoners, so we always keep these three core values in mind:

      Save pennies

      Our accessories are guaranteed to be cheaper than at your local shop. You will receive a free BIC MINI lighter with every stoner box order. Isn't that great?


      You can choose to have your stoner box or other accessories delivered to a PostNL collection point throughout the Netherlands. We also make sure that the outside of the parcel does not show where it came from. Buying a stoner box has never been so discreet!

      No strings attached

      With Stonedoos® you remain in charge of your box. You choose which stoner box you want to buy and order it without any obligation. In addition, you can always make changes to the contents.

      Are the Stonedoos® boxes not for you yet?

      Is one of our Stonedoos® boxes not (yet) right for you? You can put together your complete package of your choice in our shop. You will then benefit from the following advantages:

      • Next working day delivery!
      • ONLY order when you want!
      • Always the best brands in liquor & tip!

      Order your box now in our shop and choose yourself which blunts, rolling papers and other smoking accessories go in your Stonedoos®. It's also fun to buy a stoner box to give as a gift to a friend who loves smoking as much as you do.

      HHC, the new getting stoned at Stonedoos!

      HHC is a new cannabinoid on the Dutch market. HHC has a psychoactive effect just like its brother THC, only the effect is a bit milder. HHC is an interesting substitute for regular weed because it is 100% legal and therefore a lot more can be done with it. You also feel more clear in your head than after using normal cannabis. In the Stonedoos smartshop, you will find a lot of different HHC products. You can use HHC vapes for the quickest effect or HHC Gummies for the strongest and longest-lasting effect. CAUTION: Enjoy responsibly and never exceed the recommended dosage.

      Different ways to consume HHC:

      You can ingest HHC in a lot of ways, read below what to pay attention to when using HHC in different ways.

      HHC vapes: If you choose to vapourise HHC, keep in mind that HHC vapes are the easiest way to overdo it. Take 2-3 puffs and wait for 10 minutes until you start to notice the effect, then decide from here whether you want to take more.

      HHC edibles: if you don't like vaping, you should opt for HHC edibles. As the name suggests, this HHC is processed into something edible, such as HHC Gummies or HHC Lollipops. With this method of consumption, be aware that the effect is different and the dosage is a lot lower than with vaporising. Never exceed the maximum dosage of 1 HHC gummy and always wait at least 1.5 hours before the effect starts working.

      HHC oil: you don't like vapouring, before those candies have worked in you're an hour away.... what to do then? HHC oil! Because HHC oil and HHC shots are liquid, they are absorbed a lot faster. This is the most fast and efficient way of consuming HHC. Continue to enjoy responsibly and never exceed the maximum recommended dosage, also wait at least 45 minutes before the effect starts working.

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