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      Buy high quality metal 2 or 4 layer grinder?

      To grind your herbs in the most efficient way possible, use a metal grinder! A metal grinder is high quality and will never break. A 2-layer metal grinder has 1 compartment for grinding and consists of 2 parts! Or of course the 4-layer metal grinders, these have an extra compartment with a THC sieve through which you can collect pollen. In the Stonedoos headshop you will find the best metal grinders from brands such as:

      • RAW
      • Elements
      • Flamez
      • Vibes
      • GreenGo
      • Hammercraft!

      Discover the benefits of a metal cannabis grinder

      If you are a real stoner and looking for the ideal way to grind your weed, a metal cannabis grinder is a real must-have. Grinders help you grind your buds to a fine consistency that is perfect for rolling joints or filling your vaporiser. And when it comes to grinders, the metal variety is the undisputed king. Find out why in this article.

      Buying a cannabis grinder?

      Have you heard of a grinder, crusher or crumbler? It's a must-have gadget for any cannabis connoisseur who likes to grind his or her cannabis buds into tiny pieces. But did you know you can also use it in the kitchen to grind other herbs? This handy tool consists of 2 or more parts that you can take apart. Those parts are full of sharp teeth or pins. When you turn them against each other, the herb grinds quickly and effectively into smaller particles. And in a 3 or 4-part metal grinder, there is often also a sieve where the kief is collected. These are the THC crystals from which you can make hash, for instance. Can you enjoy your stash even more! Whether you want a peaceful toke or want to treat yourself to a nice meal, this gadget will help you grind your herbs in style.

      Do you even need a cannabis grinder?

      There are numerous advantages to using a grinder when smoking or vaping weed. First of all, the texture of the ground buds is much more consistent than when you grind them by hand. As a result, the combustion is more even and effective and your cannabis smokes or vapours smoother. Another advantage is that a grinder preserves the resin glands of the buds. This is important because these contain the most potentially containing parts of the plant. Collecting resin via a grinder with a kief compartment that stores the resin glands separately also lets you enjoy an extra potent and flavourful smoking experience.


      How to use a metal grinder

      It is important to let the plant material dry properly before grinding. To get the best quality joint, before grinding it, you should sift out the remaining twigs and seeds. This is because these hard pieces can cause the grinder to become less sharp or even break off. To use the metal grinder, separate the two parts and place a cannabis bud between the teeth. By making a twisting motion, the herb will be ground ever finer. The longer you 'grind', the finer the plant material will be ground. When you are done, open the grinder by twisting the two halves apart and you can enjoy your perfectly ground plant material.

      What is kief?

      Are you curious about what kief actually is? It is actually a collection of the cannabis plant's most precious treasures - trichomes. Trichomes are the glistening crystals you see on the buds of your favourite cannabis strains. They contain the resin with cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for the wonderful feeling of being high.

      Kief is considered the gold in the cannabis world. Collecting it gives you instant access to the essence of the cannabis experience. It is especially useful for people who love concentrates but don't want to spend money on expensive equipment to make sophisticated extracts. And you know what's even better? Kief gives you an extra dose of THC that makes you feel like a real boss.

      Collect kief in your grinder

      The step to use a grinder and collect kief. This is probably the easiest method and best for most users. Grinding your buds will keep most of the trichomes intact and attached to your weed during the process. But beware, some trichomes will come off and stick to your crusher. But don't panic, over time you can build up a hefty supply of kief as you grind more marijuana. Some grinders are specially designed to make catching kief even easier. They often include a special screen under the main chamber, where the kief is sieved and collected. Depending on the size of your grinder's kief compartment, you can expect to have enough resin glands to fill several cones.

      When you grind your weed, those precious THC crystals often end up in the lower part of your grinder. But not to worry, as there are countless ways to use this treasure:

      • Make your own hash by heating the crystals and pressing them together.
      • Try T-waxing: spread a thin layer of oil on your joint and roll it through the kief for an extra kick.
      • Incorporate it into butter or other edibles for a powerful high.
      • Make your own E-Liquid for your vaporiser and travel without packing your bags.

      How do you clean your weed grinder?

      Turning a good joint starts with keeping your weed crumbler clean. Because even if you have such good quality weed, if your metal grinder is not clean, the taste and quality of your joint will suffer. Fortunately, cleaning your grinder is not difficult. Fill a pan with water and bring it to the boil. Take your grinder apart, place the parts to be cleaned in the pan and let it boil for about 5 to 10 minutes. After boiling, scrub the grinder with a toothbrush, for example, and rinse it with cooling water. This ensures a clean grinder and a tasty joint every time.

      Order your metal grinder

      When you are looking for a grinder for your weed, there is a huge choice of different designs and materials. At the Stone Box, we offer the following brands:

      • Banana Bros
      • Best Buds
      • Black Marble
      • Buddies
      • Elements
      • No brand
      • Hammercraft
      • RAW
      • Stonebox


      You can choose from simple models with one chamber or more sophisticated ones with multiple chambers. The size, teeth and materials can vary considerably, from acrylic to wood or a metal grinder, each with their own price tag. If you are looking for a cheap option, an acrylic grinder might be an option for you, but if you are looking for something that will last, a grinder made of metal might be better. Wooden grinders, on the other hand, have a nice look and are durable. In any case, you can find many different cannabis grinders in our Stonedoos webshop, from cheap and simple to electric and advanced.

      Aluminium grinder with THC sieve?

      If you think a 2-layer grinder is not big enough, you can order a 4-layer aluminium grinder with THC Screen. The 4-layer crusher consists of 4 parts: the top part to crumble your weed, then it falls into the middle container on the THC sieve, after which part of the THC falls through the sieve into the THC container! An aluminium grinder is one of the best and most appreciated grinders by stoners, a grinder made of a light metal like aluminium is very easy to carry due to its light weight!




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