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      Dabbing: Rigs, Tools and Techniques


      What is Dabbing?


      Dabbing, the new trend in cannabis consumption, is heating and inhaling wax concentrates, and has the potential to revolutionise traditional ways of cannabis consumption. cannabis concentrate is very potent, containing as much as 60-90% THC, which is as much as 4 times more than in an average joint.


      Dabbing is inhaling the vapours of these extracts. The extracts, also called 'dabs', are heated to a specific temperature, but not as high as during a combustion process like smoking a joint. This gives you a pure, flavourful vapour that you inhale


      Dabbing supplies


      Although dabbing bears some resemblance to smoking a bong, there are some differences. With a bong, you smoke dried cannabis buds, while with dabbing you use concentrates. Use dab rigs instead of bongs.


      Some bongs can even be converted into a dab rig with a few accessories. In addition, you need a dab nail. This is like a bowl that holds the concentrate. Heat the dab nail with a blowtorch before pouring the concentrate. Lighters need a higher temperature and are not suitable for dabbing.


      You also need a dab tool to apply the concentrate safely, as dabbing nails gets very hot. Finally, of course, you need cannabis concentrate itself, but where can you buy cannabis concentrate?


      Weed Concentrate


      Although weed concentrates and dabs are not for sale in coffee shops, you can make most kinds yourself. Alcohol, ice-cold water, CO₂ or butane can be used to extract the concentrate.


      The most popular concentrate forms are closers, waxes, rosin and oils. Wax is relatively easy to make and can also be used in a vape pen.


      How Does a Dab Rig Work?


      Using a dab rig is relatively simple. First, prepare everything you need to dab. Then start by heating the dab nail with a propane torch.


      Let the nail cool for a while before you start. The time needed to cool down varies depending on the material of the nail. A titanium nail needs 10 to 20 seconds to cool down, while a quartz or ceramic nail is ready to use after about 45 seconds.


      Next, use your dab tool to place a little concentrate on the nail. Inhale the vapour and enjoy the effect.


      Dabbing with a Dab Pen Vaporiser


      Another option is to use an HHC Vape if the dab in the dab rig is too complex. Is a HHC vape is highly recommended, here you will be slightly less stoned by a puff but if you take enough puffs of the vape it will automatically become a delicious high!


      The advantage of an hhc vape is that you can discreetly enjoy your cannabis concentration and it allows you to microdose. Moreover, the device is portable and easy to use.




      Dabbing represents a new way to enjoy wax, with an intensity and purity you cannot achieve with traditional methods. The techniques and tools discussed here will help you explore and appreciate the world of dabbing.


      Whether you opt for a dab rig or a dab pen, remember that the quality of your experience depends mainly on the quality of your concentrates. At Stonedoos, we make sure you get the best products to maximise your dab experience. Discover the world of dabbing with Stonedoos today!



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