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      Buy THC pollen screen for weed?

      Easily turn your hoarded cannabis twigs or cutting waste into keef? With Buddies' wooden pollen sieve boxes from the Stonedoos headshop, you can separate your trichomes from plant material without much effort. Fill the box with the material you want to sieve, shake well and find a delicious layer of sieved THC at the bottom of the box on the glass plate! With this, you can make your own hash!


      Sifter box online?

      The wooden Sifter boxes by BUDDIES are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. With the sifter boxes you can easily separate THC from cutting waste. The narrow micron mesh blocks most plant material and ensures that only the delicious THC pollen falls down through the screen! Put the freshly harvested keef in a pollen press and easily make your own hash!


      Weed Sieve Box, why so immensely useful?

      A cannabis strainer box can be used for many things! Most people use it for cutting waste, so you can sieve away the last THC perfectly. Not a grower? Then of course you can just use the cannabis sieve box for your weed too! Sieve all the loose THC to make a tasty hash and even smoke your buds. Do you think this is a waste of weed? You can also just save your twigs and throw them in the sieve box! From 10 grams of twigs you can often get almost 0.5 grams of keef!

      How does a pollen sieve box work?

      To make using a pollen sieve a little easier, it is important that you first freeze your cutting waste. This ensures that the trichomes are released more easily. Put your plant material in the pollen sieve and close the lid. Then shake the box vigorously so that all trichomes fall down through the mesh. You can now slide open the bottom. Here you will find your delicious layer of keef, scrape it off the glass with a pass! You can now smoke a delicious THC joint or make your own hash!

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