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          Buy trip stoppers for magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

          At Stonedoos, you can easily buy trip stoppers for psylocibine online! Our trip stoppers contain 2 dextro tablets and 4 valerian capsules. Have you taken truffles or magic mushrooms and ended up in a bad trip? Then take the dextro first and then the valerian capsules to minimise the bad trip effect!


          What to do in case of a psylocibine bad trip?

          Ended up in a bad trip? Don't give up just yet! You can steer a bad trip back to a good one. To know how to do this, we first need to know how you got into the bad trip. Often, the cause of a bad trip is poor preparation, not feeling well or just being overwhelmed by the effects. So good preparation is half the battle! If you are badly prepared and you take truffles in a location that is too busy, moving to a quiet place might be enough to experience a nice trip again. Not feeling well? Then try to bring out as many happy and positive thoughts as possible! Does this not work? Then trip stoppers are the best option to minimise the effect of psylocibine as quickly as possible!

          How do you deal with a bad trip from magic mushrooms or truffles?

          • Find a quiet location (a quiet location prevents outside stimuli)
          • Distract yourself with something positive (e.g. put on a happy song)
          • Breathe in, breathe out (come to complete relaxation)
          • Accept that you are in the trip and it will be over in a few hours (try to let yourself go along and not counteract the effect)
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