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      Royal Queen Seeds Milky Way F1 - 3 seeds
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          Royal Queen Seeds Titan F1 - 3 seeds

          Royal Queen Seeds Titan F1 - 3 seeds

          - Highest THC content
          - Highest density of tric...
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              Royal Queen Seeds Hyperion F1 - 3 seeds
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                  Royal Queen Seeds Apollo F1 - 3 seeds
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                      Royal Queen Seeds Medusa F1 - 3 seeds
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                          Royal Queen Seeds Epsilon F1 - 3 seeds
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                              Royal Queen Seeds Orion F1 - 3 seeds
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                                  Royal Queen Seeds Cosmos F1 CBD - 3 seeds
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                                      Now at Stonedoos F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

                                      F1 Hybrid seed is now available at Stonedoos. This hybrid growing power and technology really does exist. Cannabis producers can endlessly vary stability, strength and yield for any future crop with this system. F1 Hybrids cannabis seeds are produced by crossing two lines with pure genetics; resulting in seedlings that are not only bigger and stronger, but also possess stable vigour.

                                      Available now at Stonedoos; the F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seeds that are changing the future of cannabis genetics!

                                      Read about the great benefits these F1 hybrid cannabis seeds have.

                                      What are F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds

                                      If you thought all hybrids are created equal, you're wrong. Incredibly, the process of hybrid vigour allows plants to grow 25% faster than genetically pure varieties. This is because they have two different mother and father plants as genetic sources.

                                      F1 hybrids are the future of cannabis genetics, offering unparalleled stability, strength and yield.

                                      Ordinary hybrids are basically created by crossing two cannabis plants. F1 hybrids are created by crossing two pure (also known as 'inbred') genetic lines. The resulting seedlings not only grow bigger and stronger, but also retain stable growth characteristics that lead to a uniform crop.

                                      F1 seeds are quite common in the ornamental garden and vegetable industry, but completely new in the world of cannabis.

                                      At Stonedoos, we aim to revolutionise F1 crosses by offering the very first true F1 cannabis seeds. With this pioneering venture, growing on any scale is no longer a distant dream, but a viable reality.

                                      Benefits of F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds

                                      There are many great benefits you get when you use F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds. You can count on:

                                      • A huge yield
                                      • The shape, colour and growth rate are identical in all seeds
                                      • Average taste that is accessible to everyone
                                      • Less often affected by diseases


                                      If you want to grow F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds outdoors, this is an achievable goal as they can tolerate different environmental conditions.

                                      You'll harvest more weed with hybrid vigour with our F1 seeds

                                      The good news and great advantage of growing F1 hybrids is that they usually produce higher yields than "their parents". The offspring are then more likely to have heterozygous traits, which increases yields. This means growers can get more yield from their plants, both maximising their yields and reducing their costs.

                                      Stability and durability of F1 cannabis seeds

                                      F1 hybrids are known for their stable and long-lasting flavour and effect qualities. Because they contain both Sativa and Indica genetics, they offer a balanced mix that provides users with an enjoyable experience - no matter which strain it is. F1 cannabis seeds deliver consistent yields in flavour and potency from season to season with no surprises, allowing growers to rely on them.

                                      Shortened flowering period

                                      The good news is that F1 hybrid cannabis seeds make the flowering process even faster. This is because both (genetics) are combined in one seed, so it takes less time for them to fully develop into mature plants ready for harvest. For growers who need their crops faster, this can be a huge bonus as it significantly reduces waiting times.

                                      F1 hybrid cannabis seeds have many advantages

                                      F1 hybrid cannabis seeds are better than traditional strains; you harvest more with them, they are more stable and they take less time to flower. For any grower looking for higher quality crops in less time - or just wanting to experiment with new strains - these seeds can be an excellent choice! With all these benefits combined, it's no wonder F1 hybrid cannabis seeds are becoming increasingly popular among growers around the world!

                                      Why you should choose Stonedoos' F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds

                                      Our F1 hybrid cannabis seeds go beyond genetic stability: they also have better flavours, aromas, terpenes and cannabinoids than their conventional counterparts. Our hybrids produce buds of the highest quality that are also exceptionally consistent and strong. Whether you're a home grower or a professional grower, our F1 cannabis seeds will give you a reliable smoking experience time and time again with a variety of flavours and aromas to choose from.


                                      Choose F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds from Stonedoos and experience the benefits you'll enjoy for years to come!

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