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      Discover the Power of Salvia: A Plant That Can Enrich Your Life


      Beautifying your living environment is an instinct that unites us all. We love an environment that is both visually appealing and beneficial to our well-being. Therefore, we carefully choose plants that can enrich our home or garden. One such plant is Salvia, better known as Sage.


      What makes Salvia so special?


      It is a popular and widely used perennial or semi-shrub in our gardens. But what makes it so special? "Salvia" is a name originating from the Latin salvere or salveo, which can be interpreted as 'being in good health', 'recovery' or 'liberation'. The origins of Sage can be traced to countries around the Mediterranean and the Balkans, where it grows naturally in sun-drenched, alkaline soil.


      Although Salvia is mainly known as a decorative ornamental plant, some species also have medicinal properties or are used as herbal plants. Salvia is not only visually attractive, but this perennial plant can also be used for multiple purposes.


      The Attractiveness of Salvia


      The Salvia species in our range have a mostly upright growth habit. The leaves show a shape reminiscent of a lance or heart, with a slightly jagged edge. A pleasant aromatic fragrance is released on contact or bruising.


      Depending on the variety, this beautiful bloomer can have purple, pink or white flowers that rise elegantly above the leaves. Bees and bumblebees are attracted to the garden as soon as this perennial plant blooms. Moreover, the plant has a natural ability to spread itself easily.


      Buy Salvia at Stonedoos


      At Stonedoos, we offer a wide range of Salvia varieties, all pot-grown so they can be planted year-round. Not only does this ensure a higher survival rate, but it also means you can enrich your garden with the beauty and benefits of Salvia at any time of the year.


      We offer our customers safe and convenient online payment methods, as well as a fouling guarantee. We ensure your plants are carefully packed and delivered to you within 1 to 5 working days.


      This plant is a real star on a sunny border and looks great in groups, both large and small. The herbaceous varieties of Salvia can also serve as potted plants. Since these particular varieties are moderately winter hardy, they can easily be placed indoors in winter.


      Maintenance of Salvia


      It is important to give proper care to your Salvia plants in order for them to thrive. They prefer calcareous soil. It is crucial to ensure that the soil is not left too moist.


      Cutting off spent flowers can help extend the flowering period. Salvia is easy to combine with other perennials and usually requires little maintenance.

      Buy Salvia for an unprecedented psychedelic experience


      At Stonedoos, you can buy both whole leaves and an extract of salvia. Salvia is one of the most powerful plants in the world. Especially for beginners, it is therefore recommended to start with a small amount. Preferably smoke salvia in a bong or water pipe. You will soon reach higher levels: you laugh a lot, step outside your body, become one with an object or have a lot of energy. The effect is different for everyone and because of the hallucinogenic effect, you should only use it in familiar surroundings. Are you curious for more after this smoking experience? Then you will find even more products with a psychedelic effect in our webshop or physical shop in Hoogeveen. Think for example of peyote cacti and magic truffles.


      Easily order online


      When you buy salvia online, we make sure your parcel is sent discreetly. You choose for delivery to your home or a PostNL collection point near you. Do you have any questions about our products? If so, please contact us by calling (+31) 850 47 09 01. It is also possible to send us a WhatsApp message. We will answer your questions within 24 hours!




      Not only is it a visually appealing plant, it also offers a range of benefits, such as attracting bees and bumblebees, and its potential medicinal properties. At Stonedoos, we offer a wide range of Salvia strains, all carefully cultivated to ensure a healthy, thriving plant.


      If you want to buy Salvia, we offer you the opportunity to purchase this beautiful plant safely and easily online. With proper care and attention, Salvia can bring an atmosphere of calm and serenity to your garden, while at the same time adding a visually appealing element.


      Make your garden even more beautiful with Salvia from Stonedoos. Enrich your living environment with the natural beauty of Salvia and discover for yourself the many benefits of this special plant. Buy your Salvia plants in our webshop today!


      If you want to buy salvia for a psychedelic experience, you're in the right place at Stonedoos. The salvia plant grows in the Sierra Mazateca, a mountain range in southern Mexico. The extract from the leaves is suitable for smoking. The result: an unparalleled trip lasting 10-15 minutes.


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