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      Eyce Dab Rig II

      Eyce Dab Rig II

      Available in 9 different colours
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      € 29,95
          Eyce Sidecar Dab Rig

          Eyce Sidecar Dab Rig

          Available in 6 different colours
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          € 55,95

              What is a Dab Rig?


              A dab rig, essentially an advanced type of bong, is specially designed to let you enjoy wax concentrates to their full potential. Don't confuse it with a traditional bong - a dab rig is unique in its own way. Instead of a bowl for placing your weed, you find a 'banger' or 'nail' into which you place your dab - the term for cannabis concentrate.

              Unlike smoking weed with a bong, dabbing requires a higher temperature, so an ordinary lighter won't do. This is where a special burner comes in handy. Our dab rigs are made of robust borosilicate glass and in some cases combined with silicone to ensure a long-lasting, reliable experience.


              Why dabbing?


              Dabs are highly concentrated forms of cannabis, often containing a higher THC content than traditional buds. While an average cannabis bud usually contains 10-25% THC, dabs can sometimes contain as much as 40-80% THC. The exact percentages vary depending on the type of concentrate, such as wax, shatter, budder, badder, resin and live rosin.


              What do you need to dab?


              You need some specific tools to dab optimally, including:


              1. Dab Rig: This is your most important equipment.

              2. Nail: This is the part you heat with a propane torch.

              3. Burner: This allows you to heat the nail to high temperatures.

              4. Dome: This is placed over the nail to ensure no vapour escapes.

              5. Dab Tool :Used to apply the concentrate to the nail.

              6. Cannabis Concentrate :This is your 'dab', the material you will actually use. How do you use a Dab Rig?


              How do you use a Dab Rig?


              Once you're familiar with the equipment, it's time to learn how to actually use a dab rig.

              1. Prepare your Concentrate: Choose the type of concentrate you want to use. Be careful because dabs are much more potent than regular cannabis. Start with a small amount and build up slowly.

              2. Heat the Nail: Heat the bottom until it is glowing hot, but should not turn black. Then let it cool a little for a better taste experience of your concentrate.

              3. Apply the Concentrate: Use the dab tool to apply a small amount of concentrate on the heated nail.

              4. Inhale: Place the dome over the nail and inhale the vapour. You can repeat this process to use all your concentrate.


              A Dab Pen: The Alternative to a Dab Rig

              For those who find the procedure of dabbing via a rig too complex, there is also the option of using a dab pen. Like a dab rig, a dab pen is designed to vapourise concentrates, but it offers a more discreet and user-friendly experience. It is portable, easy to use, and lets you enjoy microdosing your wax concentrate.

              Why buy a Dab Rig from us?

              Choosing the right dab rig is not always easy, but we are here to help. We offer a wide range of dab rigs and other products to optimise your dabbing experience. Moreover, our expert team is always ready to answer all your questions and guide you through your purchase.


              If you are looking for a powerful and sophisticated way to enjoy cannabis concentrates, a dab rig is the perfect choice. With a dab rig, you can experience the full potency of your dabs while enjoying a unique and luxurious smoking experience. Contact us today to find the perfect dab rig for your needs.



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