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      Discover the Unique Benefits of Hemp Wick


      Hemp Wick, or cannabis plant, is an absolutely essential tool for the modern smoker. Whether you enjoy a pipe, bong, bong, bong, or a simple joint, Hemp Wick offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your smoking experience. Read on to discover why this natural and organic product is so popular.


      What exactly is Hemp Wick?

      It is a wick made from hemp and 100% organic beeswax. It serves as a natural and healthier alternative to traditional lighters, which can be dangerous due to butane and petrol burning, releasing harmful substances.


      It is not. No hazardous substances are produced when burning, allowing you to enjoy your smokes without worrying about unwanted side effects. In addition, the product is water-resistant, adding to its functionality and versatility.


      The Benefits of Hemp Wick


      Apart from promoting safety and maintaining naturalness, it also improves the attractiveness of the smoke flavour and makes it sweet. Burning beeswax is also said to have a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland, also known as the glandula pituitaria. This gland plays an important role in our creativity and dream activity. Thus, it not only enriches your smoking experience, but can also contribute to your creativity and dream activity.


      Hemp Wick versus HempWick


      It is important to note that there is a difference between 'Hemp Wick' and 'HempWick'. 'HempWick', written together, is a registered trademark. On the other side is 'Hemp Wick', which simply indicates what the product is - a cannabis plant. Both are great, but at Stonedoos we offer our own top-quality Hemp Wick.


      Hemp Wick: Indispensable for Every Smoker


      In fact, it is a must-have for any smoker. The product offers numerous benefits, ranging from enhanced flavour to boosting creativity. In the process, it is also safer and healthier than traditional lighters.


      At Stonedoos, we strive to provide the best possible products to our customers. It is no exception. It is made from high-quality hemp and 100% organic beeswax, making it a reliable and effective product for all smokers.


      Experience for yourself the difference Hemp Wick can make in your smoking experience. You will find that it enriches your experience, improves the taste of your smokes and stimulates your creativity. Try it today.


      In conclusion, it is essential for every smoker. It offers numerous benefits, from enhanced taste to creativity stimulation, and is safer than traditional lighters. At Stonedoos, we offer only the best quality Hemp Wick so that you can enjoy your smoking experience to the maximum. Make the switch today and experience the benefits of Hemp Wick for yourself.


      Buy Hemp wick online?


      Hemp wick is a lighter wick made from hemp rope that burns so well because of beeswax. The beeswax in RAW's Hempwick is harvested locally in Poland! In the Stonedoos headshop, you'll find Hemp wick in the following different sizes:


      • The RAW Hemp Wick Roll - 3m (10 ft)
      • The RAW Hemp Wick Roll - 6m RAW (20ft)
      • The RAW Hemp Wick Ball - 30.5m (100ft)
      • The RAW Hemp Wick Ball - 76m (250 ft)

      Want to read more about Hemp Wick? Then quickly check out our blog post on all the benefits of Hemp Wick!

      Why is Hemp wick better than a lighter?


      Why should I use hemp wick? I have a lighter, don't I? Well, 1 simple reason! Hemp wick prevents you from inhaling the gas of a lighter, which is of course enormously unhealthy. It also prevents the taste of gas in your hit. In short, hemp wick is the perfect lighter! All you have to do is light the hemp wick and then use it to light your joint, bong or pipe. As a nice summary, here are some advantages and disadvantages of hemp wick.

      Advantages of Hemp Wick:

      • Better flavour
      • No inhaling gas
      • Sustainable due to less gas consumption

      Disadvantages of Hemp Wick:

      • Extra purchase


      Quickly order your Hemp Wick online and smoke just a little bit healthier! Ordered before 17.00 = delivered tomorrow.



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