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      Autoflower cannabis seeds are revolutionising the world of cannabis growing. In recent years, they have gained popularity for their unique and unparalleled benefits. Let's dive into the fascinating world of this particular strain of cannabis together.


      Autoflower cannabis seeds, what are they?


      Autoflower cannabis seeds grow into plants that flower automatically. This makes them easy to grow, making them extremely friendly to beginners. Unlike period strains, which require a change in the cycle of light to trigger growth and flowering, autoflower plants flower on their own, without any intervention.


      This unique characteristic is due to the genes of Cannabis ruderalis, a sub-species native to Russia and surrounding regions. These plants not only have the special feature of automatic flowering, but their life cycle is also considerably shorter. They are highly resistant to diseases and pests and maintain a small, inconspicuous size.


      Are Our Autoflower Seeds Female?


      Yes, our autoflower cannabis seeds are feminised, so we make sure we only sell female plants. This means you don't have to worry about male plants ruining your harvest. Although autoflowers differ from photo different strains, their feminised nature offers many advantages, including consistency in yield and quality.


      What Exactly are the Benefits with Growing Autoflowers


      Autoflower seeds offer endless benefits. Here are a few reasons why they are so sought after by novice and experienced growers alike:


      Robust Genes:


      Autoflower cannabis seeds can actually stand up to a bit more in terms of beginner mistakes that we all naturally make. They can easily survive a little neglect here and there. Compared to photo-periodic varieties, they are particularly well protected from pests, diseases and different temperatures.


      Compact and Unobtrusive:


      Autoflowers typically grow only 60-100cm tall, making them also suitable for small and enclosed spaces. Their inconspicuous size makes them ideal for growers who want to stay more on the low.


      Quick Harvest:


      Autoflowering cannabis plants are ready for harvest within 8-10 weeks on average. This time allows growers to harvest multiple times in a season!


      Why choose Autoflower?


      There are several reasons why top growers prefer autoflowers:


      Low maintenance:


      Autoflowers grow like a rocket and develop a thick fat stem. They feel right at home in all types of soil and don't need a lot of nutrients, making them easy to maintain. This resilient nature makes them ideal for novice growers.


      Flexible Lighting Schedule:


      Unlike photoperiodic varieties that require a specific light schedule, autoflowers can grow under almost any light condition. Whether you grow them indoors under 24/7 light or outdoors in natural sunlight, they will flower as soon as their internal clock tells them it's time.


      Because of their compact size, autoflowers are perfect for growing in small spaces such as balconies, windowsills, small greenhouses and even cupboards. They are also ideal for discreet growing due to their compact size and relatively low odour production.


      Fast Yield:


      Autoflowers allow you to go from seed to harvest in record time.This makes them very useful for growers who want quick product. Moreover, autoflowers can be grown throughout the year, allowing you to achieve multiple harvests per year.


      Recommended Autoflower Strains

      Are you interested in growing autoflowers? Here are a few recommended strains you can try:


      Northern Lights Autoflower:


      This is an iconic indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing effects. Northern Lights Autoflower produces compact, resinous buds in just 9-10 weeks after germination.


      Amnesia Haze Autoflower:


      A sativa-dominant strain known for its energetic and cerebral high. Amnesia Haze Autoflower flowers quickly and produces buds with a high THC content and a rich citrus aroma.


      White Widow Autoflower:


      A classic hybrid with a perfect balance of indica and sativa effects. White Widow Autoflower grows quickly and produces thick, resinous buds with a powerful, sweet aroma.


      Buy auto-flowering cannabis seeds online?

      Autoflower cannabis seeds flower automatically and are the easiest cannabis seeds to grow! In the Stonedoos seedshop, you will find different kinds of weed autoflower seeds from the best brands such as Royal Queen Seeds, Barneys Farm and Chronic & Caviar. Do you want to grow a cannabis plant easily and quickly? Then autoflowers are the best option! The average time from an autoflower seed to harvest is around 12 weeks.

      What are autoflower cannabis seeds?

      The name says it all, autoflower cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that flower automatically. You can put this plant down, and after 4/5 weeks of growth it will flower automatically without having to work with light schedules! Autoflowers are thus the quickest and easiest, perfect for novice or hasty growers! Unfortunately, that speed does have one drawback, the yield is often not as big as with normal feminised seeds.

      Autoflower seeds ordered before 17.00? Tomorrow at home!

      Did you order your autoflowering cannabis seeds before 17.00? Then PostNL will deliver them to you tomorrow. Problems with your order? Contact our customer service team quickly! The quickest way to contact us is to fill in our contact form or whatsap to (+31) 850 47 09 01. Want to read more about Autoflower seeds? Then read our extensive blog about autoflowers and expand your knowledge!

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