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      Blunt Wraps: Natural, Sustainable and Tasty


      Looking for the most natural way to enjoy your weed? Then you've come to the right place. We offer quality products at affordable prices, including our unsurpassed blunt wraps.


      What are Blunt Wraps?


      Weed can be consumed in different ways, but smoking is by far the most popular. Within smoking, there are also numerous variants, including the ever-favoured blunt. A blunt is very similar to a cigar, but instead of tobacco, it is filled with weed.


      The outer layer that holds the thickly filled weed together is known as the blunt wrap, or blunt paper. Blunt papers are made from tobacco leaves, just like the standard cigar wrap. Different flavours can be added, resulting in a variety of aromas and tastes.


      Unique Features of Blunt Wraps


      Some blunt wraps are made from a single leaf, while others are made from multiple leaves. Blunt papers have a thin, paper-like inner wrapper, while the outer layer is thicker, similar to a cigar.


      Blunts are delicious in flavour and when you use authentic blunt wraps, they will burn slowly. This extends your enjoyment moments considerably. The blunt wraps have a significant part in determining the flavour. To roll the best blunts, you need to start with the best wraps.


      How do you buy a Blunt Wrap?


      There are two ways to get a blunt wrap. You can buy a cigar, take out the contents (tobacco) and replace it with weed. Another method, which does not sacrifice cigars, is to use special blunt wraps. These act as a kind of sleeve for your joint, so you don't have to go to the extra trouble of emptying it.

      Two Unique Types of Blunt Wraps


      Highlighted below are two special types of wraps that you should definitely try.


      Hemp Wraps


      Smoking is associated with health risks such as cancer, and smoking accessories that contain nicotine are harmful to health. This is why non-tobacco blunt wraps exist. The best brands of blunt wraps are not made of paper, but of cannabis itself, which means you go completely green. Hemp wraps are a type of cannabis paper that is less harmful because they do not contain nicotine or THC. As a result, they don't have the 'illegal' label like cannabis. Hemp wraps are available in various sweet fruit flavours. There are also moistened wraps available that are triple-dipped. The pre-loaded humidity makes the hemp wraps sticky enough to roll without finishing your lick.


      Golden Wraps


      Smoking a cigar in your circle of friends is a subtle way of showing who's boss. The same goes for smoking joints. To enhance your impressive look, you can roll a thick blunt with a wrap made of 24-carat gold. Gold blunt wraps are made of real and edible gold. They shine brightly enough to establish your authority within your circle of friends.


      Buy blunt wraps with flavour?


      Buy blunt wraps made of hemp online? Blunt wraps from the best brands can be found at Stonedoos! You'll find hemp wraps from brands such as:


      Order hemp wraps online?

      Hemp wraps from the best brands are made from 100% natural materials and contain no tobacco and 0% nicotine. Blunts without tobacco and nicotine are a lot less bad for you to smoke! Juicy hemp wraps all contain 2 hemp blunts, King Blunt wraps contain 5 blunts and Kingpin hemp wraps contain 4!




      Blunt wraps are an essential part of the smoking experience, they not only enhance the flavour but also the overall experience. Whether you are looking for the natural and sustainable alternative of hemp wraps or the luxurious look of gold wraps, there is always a choice to suit your style.


      With us, you will find a wide range of quality blunt wraps that will not only let you enjoy your smoking moments, but also make a statement about your personal style. Choose your favourite blunt wrap today and have the best smoking experience you could wish for!






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