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      Buy cheap plastic grinder?

      A cheap plastic grinder is perfect to take with you when travelling! Plastic grinders are available in 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers. If you want a high-quality plastic grinder, you'll soon come across grinders made of recycled hemp (hemp) plastic from well-known brands like Vibes and GreenGo!


      Plastic grinder

      Plastic or acrylic grinders are still hot among cannabis users because of the endless advantages they offer. You can easily throw them in your bag as a back-up and they are perfect for the user who likes to stay on-the-go. Plus, they are budget-friendly, so you can buy them even if your bank account looks like it's more empty than a forgotten bong at a festival campsite. And don't forget that they are durable and last forever. So why twist yourself into corners when you can also just make it easy on yourself with a cheap grinder?


      What is a grinder?

      A grinder is the ideal tool if you want to grind herbs or weed. This grinder, also known as a crumbler or crusher, is not only suitable for grinding cannabis buds, but can also be a handy tool for grinding various herbs in the kitchen. It consists of several parts with sharp teeth or pins, which grind the herb quickly and effectively. While turning the parts, your spices are effortlessly ground into small pieces. And with a 3 or 4-part grinder, you can even collect the kief, the THC crystals released when grinding weed, separately.


      Benefits of a plastic grinder

      These intrepid plastic weed grinders come in all the colours of the rainbow and are strong. Even the stickiest of sticky buds are not safe from these bad boys. Cleaning is quick and easy.

      Are plastic grinders better or worse than alternatives like metal or wood? Despite their affordable price, plastic grinders are known to be very effective. In general, they perform at the same level as other materials, and some smokers even prefer plastic grinders.

      A plastic grinder is the ideal travel companion.


      Order a cheap grinder

      Are you looking for a plastic grinder, but don't know which one to choose? At Stonedoos, you can choose from different brands and price ranges. For example, you can get a simple grinder for as little as €2.95, but if you would like a more elaborate variant, you will pay around €25. Stonedoos has several brands in its range, including:

      It's entirely up to you to decide which grinder best suits your needs.


      Using the plastic grinder

      If you are planning to roll a joint, it is important that your plant material is dry enough and that you take out the twigs and seeds before putting it in the grinder. This will ensure that your weed is easy to grind and that the teeth of the grinder are not damaged. To use the grinder, take the two parts apart and place the buds between the sharp teeth. Then turn the top and bottom parts against each other in a circular motion. The longer you spin, the finer the weed will be ground. When you're done, open the grinder and enjoy perfectly ground weed. 


      Cleaning the plastic grinder without damaging it

      It is quite easy to clean a plastic grinder. All you need is warm soapy water. However, if resin has built up on the sides, you may need to scrape it away. But be careful when using metal objects, as they can damage the plastic. It is therefore recommended to use a wooden cocktail stick instead. An important note: alcohol can break down the glue that holds acrylic together, causing it to break. So make sure the cleaning products you use are alcohol-free. That way, you can clean the plastic grinder without worrying about damage.


      Where to buy a plastic grinder?

      If you are looking for an effective, easy-to-use and affordable grinder, then a plastic grinder is the perfect choice for you. At Stonedoos, you'll find a wide range of high-quality grinders made from recycled hemp plastic from well-known brands. Our grinders are not only durable and robust, but also easy to clean and ready to use during your next session. Don't hesitate any longer and buy your perfect plastic grinder at Stonedoos now!



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