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      HHC Dabs Concentrate - 95%

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      Product description

      The HHC Dabs Concentrate - 95% is now available. HHC is a brand new hemp-derived compound, with effects similar to Delta-9. Users report a nice clear high. You can smoke HHC concentrate with a dab rig or a Dyna Vap.

      How do you use HHC concentrate in a dab rig?

      • Stick some of your HHC concentrate on the tip of the metal stick that comes with your dab rig.
      • Using a gas burner, heat the glass container on the side of the dab rig.
      • Now hold the HHC concentrate sitting on your metal stick in the heated glass container.
      • Your HHC concentrate will melt immediately. While melting, you can take a hit from the dab rig.
      • Wait until you feel the effect and enjoy it!

      How do you use HHC concentrate in a Dyna Vap?

      To smoke HHC concentrate in a Dyna Vap, you need a Dyna Coil. The Dyna Coil is included with our HHC Dab Set - Dyna Vap. Once you have the Dyna Coil in your Dyna Vap, it works as follows.

      • Remove the cap from the Dyna Vap.
      • Fill the tip with your HHC concentrate.
      • Put the cap back on your Dyna Vap.
      • Take your gas lighter and heat the tip. While heating, twist the Dyna Vap in your hand. This ensures even heat distribution.
      • As soon as you hear the cap click, stop heating. The click indicates that the HHC concentrate is hot enough to be smoked.
      • Then comes the most fun step. Smoking your Dyna Vap. You can do this until you hear the cap click again. This click indicates that your Dyna Vap is ready to be reheated.

      What are the effects of HHC?

      Happy, calm and social are 3 great words to describe the effect in a nutshell.*

      * Disclaimer: There are no definitive long-term studies on the effects of HHC yet, all effects described above are based on first-hand user experiences from HHC users and is provided for information purposes only. You may have a very different experience. We are not suggesting in any way or form, that your experience will be the same, this varies from person to person.



      HHC Dabs Concentrate - 95%
      stoned, relaxed
      Length effect:
      2 - 3 hours

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      5 from 5

      zalige high die redelijk lang blijft hangen minpuntje potjes zijn van plastic .... glazen potjes geven de optie dat je ze op een veilige manier kan verwarmen noot aan stonedoos ; misshien overwegen om dit spul in glazen potjes te verkopen

      • -potjes van plastic
      Posted by: rudi on 9 August 2023
      HHC Dabs Concentrate - 95%
      € 24,95
      HHC Dabs Concentrate - 95%
      8 In stock
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