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      Buy pre-rolled cones of rolling papers?


      If you don't like rolling a joint yourself, cones are the solution for you! A cone is a pre-rolled rolling paper that you only need to fill yourself. In the Stonedoos headshop you will find Cones in many shapes and sizes. If you like to admire your herbs, we have transparent cones from Cyclones for you. If you want to smoke a thick cone then the Cubano Cones from Vibes are the best for you. We have cones in 1 1/4, 98 select, lean, king-size and MEGA sizes.



      Order RAW cones online?


      Cones from RAW are one of the best (if not best) cones on the market! The rolling papers that RAW's cones are made with are 100% natural and 0% chemically processed. Hence the name RAW (raw from nature). RAW cones can be found at Stonedoos in many different sizes. All RAW cones are made of the same material as the RAW original papers. RAW cones can be found in the following sizes:


      • RAW Cones 1 1/4 (shag size + one fourth extra)
      • RAW Cones 98 select (between 1 1/4 & king size)
      • RAW Cones Lean (kingsize only thinner)
      • RAW Cones Kingsize (normal long paper size)
      • RAW Cones Peacemaker (the size of the well-known 'L joint' in the Netherlands)
      • RAW Cones Emperador (a large cone of 18 cm)
      • RAW Cones Supernatural (a giant RAW cone measuring no less than 30 cm)
      • RAW Challenge Cones (this big cone is for the real warriors, this RAW cone fits 70 grams of our favourite herb).

      So a lot of sizes! Hopefully this guide will help you choose the perfect RAW cone for you! Fill your RAW cone and enjoy the perfect horn every time :)


      What is a joint cone? 


      If you're not handy at twisting joints, it's good to know there's an easier way: buying cones. Cones are pre-turned joint sleeves that you just need to fill with your favourite weed or tobacco. The handy thing about cones is that they already come with a tip, so you don't have to twist filters. Moreover, there are different sizes of cones and you can choose brands like RAW, Cyclones and Elements. We have organised the facts for you, so you can enjoy your joint fully prepared later.


      Pre-rolled cones


      Do you ever smoke some tobacco or weed? Then you're probably already familiar with cones, or pre-drawn joint cones. All you have to do is fill these genius sleeves with your favourite smoke and voila, you have a perfectly formed joint. It's like a present you don't have to open the wrapping of - just fill and enjoy! The cones have a conical shape, i.e. wider at the top than at the bottom, making filling the joint child's play. Furthermore, you have a huge choice of rolling papers in different sizes and styles to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Grab that cone and fill it with your favourite smoke. All that's left for you to do is relax and enjoy your perfect joint.


      What are sizes of joint cones?


      In Stonedoos' shop, we offer different sizes of cones from normal sizes to the xxl cones:


      • Cones 1 1/4 : Size of shag + one fourth extra
      • Cones 98 select
      • Cones Lean: A thinner kingsize size
      • Cones King Size: Like a normal rolling paper
      • Cones Peacemaker: The 'L joint', well known in the Netherlands, is known for its size.
      • Cones Emperador: An 18 cm long cone
      • Cones Supernatural: A 30 cm long joint cone
      • Challenge Cones: suitable for 70 grams of pure herbs


      Materials for the cones


      There are many different materials for making cones and tips. These include thin rolling papers, basic paper, rice paper, chlorine-free, ecological, transparent, white and brown, wood fibre, cellulose, hemp fibre (blunt) rolling papers, and tips with various flavours and types, such as cardboard tips. Blunts' wooden tips even have a special blend for extra flavour. When smoking cigarettes, tubes and tips are indispensable accessories, and the choice of materials and flavours is particularly large. There is a perfect match for every smoker.


      Benefits of joint sleeves at a glance


      Joint sleeves, also known as cones, are incredibly popular among blowers. Here's why:

      • Not everyone can spin a joint by themselves. With cones, all you have to do is fill the shell and your joint is ready.
      • Assured of consistent quality. The conical shape ensures slow and even burning and the tip works perfectly to get enough smoke in without getting bits in your mouth.
      • Make multiple joints at once with some cones, allowing you to enjoy a delicious smoking experience even faster.


      How to fill a joint sleeve


      Did you know that filling a cone is much easier than doing it by hand? With a cone filler, it is possible to have a perfectly filled cone within seconds. This saves not only time, but also effort. Stonedoos has a range of different cone fillers, each capable of filling one or more cones quickly and easily. With the filler for your cone, filling cones becomes a piece of cake and you can quickly enjoy a delicious smoking experience.



      Brands cones


      At Stonedoos, we have the following brands:


      • Cones
      • Cyclones
      • Elements
      • GreenGo
      • Juicy
      • RAW
      • Vibes


      Where can you buy cones? 


      If you find rolling a joint as tricky as understanding gravity, the Stonedoos is your lifesaver! For those who prefer convenience over effort, we have pre-rolled joints in abundance here. But even if you suffer from rheumatic complaints or your hands are shaky, the Stonedoos' cones offer a way out. You can even choose from different types of cones to customise your joint - it's almost like being in a luxury coffee shop. And as icing on the cake: you don't even have to leave your house to buy them. Just order online and you can be stoned the same day!

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