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      HempCare Sleep 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml

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      Product description

      • Net content: 30ml, 10% CBG
      • Dosage: Shake well before use. Drip 1-5 drops under the tongue twice daily. This bottle contains a minimum of 600 drops


      As a human being, you sleep about a third of your life. Sleep is the time when your body recovers. With poor sleep and sleep deprivation, your body does not fully recover, causing you to experience and/or keep symptoms during the day. Hempcare CBD Sleep is a high-quality full spectrum CBD, enriched with specific terpenes, that can help improve the quality of your sleep.
      Many people who struggle to fall asleep use cannabidiol (CBD), a pure, full spectrum natural product, with which it contains all the important substances from the hemp plant. Studies show that CBD can be effective for pain relief and anxiety - two things that keep us awake at night. But finding the right CBD remains tricky. Many companies and organisations offer CBD products and choosing a brand can be overwhelming. Look no further!

      Sleep problems and CBG&CBD:

      Research shows that millions of people have poor sleep or sleep deprivation. One person cannot fall asleep, another keeps waking up or is still sleepy upon waking up. These are sleep problems and in many cases there is a cause. There are several reasons why people have trouble sleeping. It can be due to mental problems (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder), certain medications, constant intake of caffeine-containing drinks, and external factors such as light and noise. In some cases, insomnia can also be due to anxiety. When the known causes have been eliminated, many people still experience poor sleep quality. In many cases, hempcare CBD Sleep can help with this. In fact, according to experts, sleep quality seems to be directly linked to the *endocannabinoid system. CBD improves the balance of this body's own system. Through CBD, the body calms and relaxes. It thus provides deep, restful and restorative sleep.

      CBG and CBD for better sleep:

      To understand how CBD supports sleep, it is good to know what happens when we sleep. During sleep, there are four stages of sleep that we go through several times.
      1. Stage 1 is the brief transition from wakefulness to light sleep. Gradually, in about 15 minutes, heart rate, breathing and brain activity slow down.
      2. In phase 2, you are asleep, but not yet in deepest sleep. You can still be easily woken up in this stage.
      3. Stage 3 is deep sleep and it is essential for your health. In this stage, your body recovers and your brain organises your experiences of the day.
      4. And finally, there is a fourth phase called REM phase.
      In a normal sleep cycle, you go through each phase and have five or six cycles in the eight hours you sleep. The time you are in a particular phase does change in the process. In the first cycle, you enter the REM phase for ten minutes after about an hour and a half. While in the last cycle, shortly before waking up, you are briefly in phase 3 and longest in the REM phase. In many cases, CBD improves the quality of sleep. However, the effect of CBD on sleep varies from user to user. Many users notice, sometimes after just a few days, that they fall asleep more easily. Then they go through all the cycles and wake up sound asleep. Others wake up in between cycles, but still report a marked improvement in sleep quality thanks to CBD.
      Getting into a deep sleep during the first cycle is most important, according to sleep experts. When that succeeds, the chances of getting a full good sleep, and thus a good recovery, are highest. The calming effect of hempcare CBD Sleep is ideally suited to this.


      • Hemp Seed Oil
      • Hemp extract
      • Cannabidiol (CBD)
      • Cannabigerol (CBG)
      • Mycreen
      • Betà-caryopyllene
      • Limonene
      • Linalool
      • A-pinene
      • Humulene
      • Terpinolene


      Do not exceed the maximum of 32 drops per day. Do not use this product during pregnancy or lactation. Consult your doctor or pharmacist first if you are taking any medication.
      Do not use this dietary supplement as a substitute for a varied diet.
      Store dark, and at room temperature, away from young children.



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      HempCare Sleep 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml
      € 124,95
      HempCare Sleep 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml
      1 In stock
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