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      HempCare Sport 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml

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      Product description

      • Net content: 30ml, 10%
      • Dosage: Shake well before use. Drip 1-5 drops under the tongue 2 times daily. This bottle contains a minimum of 600 drops


      Athletes, elite athletes and recreational athletes share a similar challenge. They work with their bodies and have a goal in mind with their training. The fact that pushing limits is painful does not stop them from doing so. Athletes and athletes at different levels use CBD to improve their performance. At the same time, more and more athletes are discovering that CBD helps them in many ways. CBD reduces pain and inflammation, CBD improves sleep and focus, and CBD restores balance to the body. That's why hempcare has developed an enriched CBD product specifically for athletes: CBD Sport. This full spectrum CBD is supplemented with specific terpenes from the CBD environment, making hempcare CBD Sport work optimally for athletes.

      Hempcare CBD Sport:

      Hempcare CBD Sport is a pure, full spectrum natural product, making it contain all important substances from the hemp plant. Besides the main ingredient cannabidiol, it contains all other cannabiols, terpenes, vitamins, proteins and other substances. Specific terpenes have been added to hempcare CBD Sport. Terpenes are flavour, odour and colour compounds found in every plant. In decades of research into this largest group of natural products, scientists discovered special properties that, like CBD, are beneficial for athletes. In collaboration with athletes, and based on their experiences, hempcare has enriched basic CBD with some of these specific terpenes.

      Benefits of Hempcare CBD Sport:

      - Athletes know the constant struggle between performance and pain. The most commonly experienced pain is inflammatory pain due to muscle tears or injury. Studies show that CBD can provide relief in these complaints and aid recovery. The properties of CBD help athletes strengthen the immune system, making the body more resistant to stress and infections.
      - CBD gives you a certain rest needed for a good and relaxing sleep cycle and that sleep is incredibly important for the body's recovery, especially if you want to perform optimally. This is also the reason why hempcare developed CBD Sleep.
      - The body can experience stress and anxiety due to intense training and exercise. When this happens, athletes are so tired that they can no longer train. CBD helps the body suppress anxiety and stress, allowing athletes to keep training without the body reacting negatively. CBD helps the body reduce the stress response to workouts.
      - The terpene-enriched hempcare CBD Sport mainly focuses on muscle care. However, many athletes experience more benefits from this CBD. Users of CBD report that it also helps with joint pain.
      - Research shows the antioxidant and blood flow-enhancing effect of CBD.
      This improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to healing muscles. CBD also increases the quality of sleep, with the body recovering better.
      - CBD Sport supports muscle growth during the recovery process. In terms of muscle building, CBD products are particularly beneficial for athletes whose primary goal is to build strength and muscle. By improving the recovery process and preventing inflammation, athletes can build their muscle mass faster. The results of hempcare CBD Sport will vary slightly from one athlete to another. And the speed at which the effects are perceived is also different. This is due to individual differences in body, lifestyle, training level and more.


      Hemp seed oil, Hemp extract Cannabidiol (CBD), Myrcreen, Beta-caryophyllene, Euclyptol, Linalool, A-pinene, Humulene.


      Do not exceed the maximum of 32 drops per day. Do not use this product during pregnancy or lactation. Consult your doctor or pharmacist first if you are taking any medication
      Do not use this Dietary Supplement as a substitute for a varied diet.
      Store dark, and at room temperature, out of reach of young children.



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      Dit product geeft me soepele spieren ,minder stram!

      • +Snel en correcte service!
      Posted by: Guy Schockaert on 17 October 2023
      HempCare Sport 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml
      € 89,95
      HempCare Sport 10 per cent CBD - 30 ml
      1 In stock
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