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      Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos - 15 grams

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      Product description

      The Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos is a small wonder of nature that offers a deep and enchanting adventure. Known for their illuminating mental effects and a sense of euphoria, these magic truffles are the perfect choice for those seeking a more introspective and joyful psychedelic experience.

      What are Pajaritos Magic Truffles?
      Pajaritos, which means 'little birds' in Spanish, are magic truffles that contain psilocybin, a natural psychoactive compound. They are valued for their ability to give users a running start to a state of heightened awareness and positivity. These truffles originate underground as the compacted mycelium of certain mushroom species and are known for their mild to moderate effects.

      Pajaritos truffles offer a range of sensations, including an increase in creativity, fits of laughter, and a general state of well-being. Users often report a heightened sense of connection with the people and nature around them. Visual and auditory perceptions can be subtly altered, leading to a fascinating and pleasurable experience. The intensity of the experience may vary from individual to individual, but Pajaritos is known for its manageable and enjoyable trips.

      Instructions for use
      It is recommended to start with a low dose, especially for beginners, to determine your own sensitivity to the truffles. Use these truffles in a familiar and calm environment, ideally under the supervision of a sober and experienced companion. Make sure your day is free of obligations and avoid operating vehicles or heavy machinery.

      Quality and safety
      Mush Magic takes the production and processing of Pajaritos truffles very seriously, with rigorous quality controls to ensure that each package meets the highest standards of freshness and potency. These natural wonders should be approached with respect and responsibility to ensure a safe and positive experience.

      Ordering and Shipping
      Pajaritos Magic Truffles are easy to order from the Stonedoos website, where they are discreetly and efficiently shipped. With 15 grams of these magic truffles, you can prepare yourself for a unique journey that is both enlightening and immensely enjoyable.

      Explore the depths of your consciousness and experience the world with renewed joy and wonder with Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos. Embark on an adventure that can not only change your perception, but also bring you closer to yourself.


      15 g
      Length effect:
      4 - 6 hours

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      Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos - 15 grams
      € 13,95
      € 11,86
      Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos - 15 grams
      Mush Magic Truffle Pajaritos - 15 grams
      11 In stock
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