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      Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis - 15 grams

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      Product description

      Discover the deep, spiritual world of psychedelics with the Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis. Known as "Philosopher's Stones", this particular strain of magic truffles offers a unique blend of deep insights and mild euphoria. Packaged in a generous 15-gram quantity, these truffles are the key to an enchanting journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

      What are Tampanensis Truffles? Tampanensis truffles are known for their ability to lead users into philosophical thought and introspection, making them ideal for those seeking more than just visual effects. They offer a perfect balance between mind-expanding experiences and contemplative tranquillity, making them a favourite among experienced psychonauts and newcomers alike.

      Effects The Tampanensis truffle is famous for its subtle but profound effects. Expect a sense of connection with the world around you, enhanced creative thoughts and a general state of bliss. These truffles offer a mild trip, making them an excellent choice for an intimate, personal experience.

      Instructions for use Start with a small dose to determine your sensitivity and give yourself space to fully experience the effects. Make sure you are in a safe, comfortable environment, ideally with people you trust. Let Tampanensis' philosophical journey be your guide to new insights.

      Quality and Safety The Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis is grown with the highest care for quality and consistency. Each package is carefully formulated to ensure a safe and satisfying psychedelic experience.

      Ordering and Shipping Visit our website to begin your own mystical journey with Tampanensis magic truffles. We provide fast and discreet shipping so you can begin your journey of discovery in peace.

      Prepare for a journey of self-insight and spiritual enlightenment with the Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis - a gateway to the inner depths of your consciousness.


      15 g
      Length effect:
      4 - 6 hours

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      5 from 5

      Sehr gutes Produkt sehr empfehlenswert

      • +Tripp✅
      Posted by: Semin on 20 March 2024


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      € 12,95
      Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis - 15 grams
      Mush Magic Truffle Tampanensis - 15 grams
      Out of stock
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