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      Peyote cactus 5 - 7 cm

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      Product description

      The Peyote is the Mescaline Cactus species with the highest mescaline content, it contains more than 50 other types of alkaloids in addition to mescaline.

      The Peyote Cactus has a very thick, white and peen-shaped root, as it is sometimes as thick as the above-ground blue-green head. These heads can regrow if cut off.

      The special growing point on the peyote cactus is the areole, also called thorny cushion. These are the white dots with white hairs that are all over the blue-green head. This serves as protection.

      Flowering of the Peyote cactus

      From the areole (thorn cushion) grows the flower of the peyote. Its colours include pink to white-pink. From March to September, the cactus undergoes flowering. This is possible when the body of the cactus is about three inches in diameter. The black peyote seeds are found in the cigar-shaped pink fruits.


      Mescaline is a trip drug. Trip drugs alter perception. You see, hear and/or feel things differently than they really are. When taken, the drug starts working after about 30-60 minutes. The first hour to hour and a half is sometimes unpleasant. You may feel a little nauseous and may vomit. Colours become more intense, you see ever-changing, colourful patterns and all kinds of geometric figures. Sometimes objects become larger, sometimes smaller. The hallucinogenic peak effects last 4 to 6 hours. 8 to 12 hours after ingestion, you are fairly sober again.


      1 peyote cactus
      Length effect:
      maximum 16 hours

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      Peyote cactus 5 - 7 cm
      € 69,95
      Peyote cactus 5 - 7 cm
      Out of stock
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